Lisa Roberts

From Lisa Roberts: Below is an anecdote that relates to Phil Law’s significant contribution to arts education. It is the postscript of my PhD thesis, ‘Antarctic Animation: expanding perceptions with gesture and line’ (submitted to the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, April 2010), which features the artistic responses to Antarctica of […]

Des Lugg

Des Lugg has written a piece on Phil Law for the Australian Antarctic Magazine, which is produced by the Australian Antarctic Division. Information regarding Phillip Law can be found on the AAD website

John (Snow) Williams

From John (Snow) Williams: I went south in Jan 59 on Magga Dan with the RAAF crew as airframe fitter on the Auster aircraft, Doug Leckie was the pilot and Nev Meredith was the engine fitter for the voyage to relieve Wilkes station and take it over from the US. The trip was to take […]

Ingrid McGaughey

From Ingrid McGaughey: I was lucky enough to meet Phil several times over the last few years. Usually it was at an ANARE function. Of course I knew who he was from photos, and also I guess from the way people around treated him -with respect and affection. I didn’t think he knew me from […]

Paul Chapman

From Paul Chapman: When we sailed from Melbourne on the Thala Dan in 1958, we had a well-known journalist aboard named Osmar White. He and I competed in writing scurrilous lyrics for well-known songs. Most of them were fake gripes about conditions aboard (although we were actually having a ball) or were too offensive to […]

Grahame Budd

A Short Swim at Spit Bay By Grahame Budd What follows is a minimally edited transcript of an anecdote and a letter to the Editor that were published in Aurora (vol 11 No 4, page 12) in June 1992  – a Special Issue in honour of Phil Law’s 80th birthday. The letter to the Editor of the […]

Patrick Quilty

Patrick Quilty AM wrote: My memories of Phillip Garth Law My first venture south with the Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions (ANARE) was to Macquarie Island at the end of 1968, in company with, inter alia, Martin Betts and the late Murray Price, two who would later become close friends. Thus my association with Phil Law began […]

Warwick Deacock

Warwick Deacock wrote: I was a member of the 1962/3 ANARE summer expedition to Heard Island when there were three of us, Budd (leader), Stephenson (geologist) and myself( assistant scientist (climber handy man preferred !) We attempted to summit Mawson peak on Big Ben (named by Bob Dovers, son of one of Mawson surveyors.) We […]

Jim Haggart

Jim Haggart wrote: We all know of Phil’s leadership qualities and rapport with the expeditioners and this was summed up very succintly by the speaker on behalf of ANARE, Life member Malcolm Kirton at  Phil’s 90th. Birthday Celebration in 2002.   It was said in front of 175 people, (but not printed as part of the official […]

Brian Harvey

Brian Harvey wrote: I knew Phil as a fiercely independent person with a personal life that was very private. Some years ago I visited Phil at his home in Canterbury. Nel was still alive then however  she was bedridden and Phil looked after her every need without there ever being a  suggestion that she should be cared […]