Jim Haggart

Jim Haggart wrote:
We all know of Phil’s leadership qualities and rapport with the expeditioners and this was summed up very succintly by the speaker on behalf of ANARE, Life member Malcolm Kirton at  Phil’s 90th. Birthday Celebration in 2002.   It was said in front of 175 people, (but not printed as part of the official speech) during Malcolm’s interesting address, — “There was many a time we could have screwed the little bugger’s neck but we’re all here because of him”.      It received loud applause mid – speech.At a Midwinter Dinner in the ’90’s Phil was 45 minutes late!His excuse was his car had broken down on St. Kilda Road  and he recieved help to to push it out of the traffic but he could not flag down a taxi.The intrepid explorer however was successful in hitching a ride in a pink concrete truck that was stopped at the lights.  But the driver could not drop Phil off until he had got another load of Readymix from the Port Melbourne Depot.   There was relief when Phil arrived and much hilarity when he told the story.

In 2003 I was privileged when Phil wrote the Foreword for my structural repairs welding book.He was 91 and dressed resplendently in his long creams ready to play tennis at 10 a.m. when I arrived at his home to give him a book.  Morning coffee and biscuits were also laid out.

What a privilege it has been to know him…