Nominations for the National Council for 2024-25 are CLOSED.

Nominations were open from Monday 3 June to COB Sunday 30 June 2024.

Our Committee

We have a National Council overseeing the workings of the Club as well as representation in each State. National Council meets quarterly often in different States and holds an AGM around August where office bearers are elected for the following year.

ANARE Club office bearers for 2023-2024:

 – David Dodd
Immediate Past President
 – George Friend
Vice President
 – Trevor Cowell
 – Melanie Van Twest
– Chris Eavis
Membership Officer
 – Chris Eavis
Sales Officer
 – Brian Harvey
Information Technology
 – Kevin Shepherd
Aurora Editor
 – Dale Jacobsen
Club Historian
 – Ian Toohill
Councillors (not included above, alphabetically by family name)
Denise Allen,
Barend (Barry) Becker,
David Ellyard,
Ron Hann,
Jenna Kelley,
Trevor Luff,
Duncan MacKenzie

Meet our current National Council Past National Council Office Bearers Past National Council Members