Robert Tracy (Bob) Jones

Vale- Robert Tracy (Bob) Jones Station Year Season Macquarie Island 1992 Winter OIC Mawson 1994 Winter OIC Mawson 1997 Winter OIC Davis 2000 Winter OIC Davis 2004 Winter OIC Casey 2008 Winter OIC Mawson 2012 Winter OIC It is with a great deal of sadness that I must inform you of the death of Robert […]

Donald (Don) F. Creighton

Vale- Donald (Don) F. Creighton Station Year Season Mawson 1963 Winter It is with a deep sadness I have to tell you that Don Creighton died yesterday 9th of October. Some of you may not have known Don, but he was my Electronics Engineer at Mawson Station in 1963. After his time down south, Don […]

Dr Malcolm Evans

Vale- Dr Malcolm Evans We regret the club was recently informed of the passing of Dr Malcolm Evans Email received from Richard Evans (son), 16/10/19

Reg Hopley

Vale- Reg Hopley Station Year Season Wilkes 1967 Winter Macquarie Island 1971 Winter Mawson 1978 Winter We regret the club was recently informed of the passing of Reg Hopley Email received from Trevor Olrog on behalf of Reg’s wife, 19/11/19

Ephraim “Jack” Field

Vale- Ephraim “Jack” Field Station Year Season Macquarie Island 1953 Winter Macquarie Island 1955 Winter Mawson 1957 Winter Wilkes 1962 Winter Mawson 1975 Winter We regret the club was informed of the passing of Ephraim “Jack” Field on 26 November 2019 Jack worked as a Cook, dog handler and all round assistant. Jack’s Donga at […]

Gary Cooper

Vale – Gary Cooper Station Year Season Mawson 1969 Winter – Cosmic Ray Physicist Gary Cooper, Cosmic Ray Physicist, Mawson 1969, died 21st February on his 78th birthday. He is survived by his wife Margaret (Maggie), daughter Sarah and son Andrew. Gary replaced Attila Vrana as CosRay who said he was always jovial and happy, […]

Shane Phelps

Vale – Shane Phelps Station Year Season Davis 1993 Winter I would like to announce the passing of my father, Shane Phelps (5 June 55 – 19 January 20). Shane was based out of Casey {should be Davis} station as the Plant Inspector in 92/94 period including Tassie time. Photos from the time reveal a […]

George Seidl

Duncan Alexander Brown

Vale – Duncan Alexander Brown Station Year Season Macquarie Island 1956 Winter Mawson 1958 Winter Davis 1961 Winter Roger Brown has advised that his father Duncan Alexander Brown (Alex) passed away on Thursday April 14. Alex was Radio Operator on Macquarie Island in 1956 and Mawson in 1958 and Radio Supervisor at Davis in 1961. […]

Dr Peter Nickolls

Vale – Dr Peter Nickolls Station Year Season Casey 1999 Station Doctor Just to let you know of the passing of Dr Peter Nickolls. We have been mates since uni days. Regards, Colin Elston During his year at Casey Peter was involved in the collaborative studies on human immunological research between the AAD and NASA, […]