Major General Neville Smethurst

Vale- Major General Neville Smethurst Station Year Season Wilkes 1961 Winter OIC I am very sad to report the death of Nev Smethurst on Tuesday July 2nd. Nev, was the Officer – in – Charge (the ‘OIC’) of the 14th ANARE team at Wilkes 1961. His funeral is to be held at Duntroon Military College […]

Peter Clemence

Vale- Peter Clemence Station Year Season RAAF Antarctic Flight 1955/56 Resupply Pilot Mawson 1957 OIC RAAF Flight Polar Medal 1960 PCM and Lambert Glacier 1969/70 Pilot PCM and Lambert Glacier 1971/72 Pilot Enderby Land 1974/75 Pilot Peter Clemence passed away last Tuesday and his daughter has asked to advise ANARE Club members of this. He […]

Robert “Bob” Clough

Vale- Robert “Bob” Clough Station Year Season Macquarie Island 1978 Winter Am sorry to advise the sad passing of Robert “Bob” Clough. Bob was a valuable member of the Macquarie Island ’78 team, an excellent Met Man and a great contributor to our year. Thoughts are with his wife Linda, family and friends. I last […]

John Charles McNally

Vale- John Charles McNally Station Year Season Macquarie Island 1961 Winter My uncle was a radio officer and captain of Army Dukw on Macquarie island 1961 expedition. He passed away peacefully on the 4th March, 2019 aged 82 years, leaving his wife Virginia McNally. He has resided in the Sutherland Shire in Sydney since 1980. […]

Alan Elcheikh

Vale- Alan Elcheikh Station Year Season Amery Ice Shelf Alan Elcheikh passed away yesterday (Monday) morning. He had been ill for some months with leukaemia. He is survived by his wife Fiona and 2 young children. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t an ANARE club member, but he’s been going south since the early 90’s and […]

Kent Keith

Vale- Kent Keith Station Year Season Macquarie Island 1956 Winter Ian McLeod (M58) has just informed me that Kent Keith, zoologist at Macquarie Island in 1956, passed away in Canberra on 3 January. Another sad loss of one of our early expeditioners. Email received from Jan Adolph, 5/02/19

David Johns

Vale- David Johns Station Year Season Macq Island 1954 Winter Mawson 1957 Winter It’s not been a good start to the New Year! Sadly, David Johns passed away peacefully on Monday, 7 January aged 89. David wintered at Macquarie Island in 1954 and Mawson in 1957 as a Cosray Physicist. He was a long time […]

Brian Turnbull

Vale- Brian Turnbull Station Year Season Mawson 1984 Winter Sad news to start the New Year I’m afraid. Brian Turnbull passed away on 2 January. Brian was OIC at Mawson in 1984 and a long time employee of the Antarctic Division. Brian was the Ant Div Project Manager, working with Dept Housing and Construction (later […]

Charlie Weir

Vale- Charlie Weir Station Year Season Wilkes 1967 Winter Casey 1969 Winter Davis 1985 Winter Mawson 1987 Winter Macq Island 1989 Winter Mawson 1991 Winter Macq Island 1993 Winter I received the sad news this evening that Charlie Weir has died. Many of us will have spent time down south and in Australia with Charlie […]

Peter Baggott

Vale- Peter Baggott Station Year Season Mawson 1965 Winter Wilkes 1967 Winter We’ve received notification of the passing of Peter Baggott, Radio Operator at Mawson in 1965 and Wilkes in 1967. Peter died on the Gold Coast on 6th June 2019 aged 82. The funeral will be held on the Gold Coast on Tuesday 11th […]