Donald (Don) F. Creighton

Vale- Donald (Don) F. Creighton

Station Year Season
Mawson 1963 Winter

It is with a deep sadness I have to tell you that Don Creighton died yesterday 9th of October. Some of you may not have known Don, but he was my Electronics Engineer at Mawson Station in 1963.

After his time down south, Don worked alongside Dr Fred Jacka in the Mawson Institute at the Adelaide University, Following the closure of the Mawson Institute faculty at the Adelaide University, Don remained in the physics department as a turor, instructor and mentor to the PhD students who were studying electronic engineering.

Don had suffered from an inoperable cancer for some time and of recent days his body weakened to the point of his admission to the Adelaide Hospital where he die peacefully shortly after admission.

Email received from Ray (Gaffer) McMahon, 10/10/19