Charlie Weir

Vale- Charlie Weir

Station Year Season
Wilkes 1967 Winter
Casey 1969 Winter
Davis 1985 Winter
Mawson 1987 Winter
Macq Island 1989 Winter
Mawson 1991 Winter
Macq Island 1993 Winter

I received the sad news this evening that Charlie Weir has died. Many of us will have spent time down south and in Australia with Charlie and will have fond memories of him.
Charlie was a Dieso and Plant Inspector. His times down south included W67, C69, D85, M87,Q89, M91 and Q93. I know he had more recent periods down south but I don’t have a record of them.
Charlie was awarded the Antarctic Medal in 1990. Note from the AAD website
“Charlie Weir has the distinction of having served at five ANARE stations over a 22 year period. In addition to the mechanical tasks on the station plant, he also did outstanding work on preparing vehicles and equipment for traverses.
Charlie’s arrival at Casey in 1969 was at the time of the changeover from Wilkes station to Casey, a task which was made more difficult due to the late arrival of the relief ship.
Charlie has proved to be an excellent all-round expeditioner and has supported many scientific programs.”
Charlie Weir’s funeral will be at Woodenbong Public Hall, 21 Unumgar St., Woodenbong, NSW 2476, Thursday, 21st March at 11.00am NSW time.
Email received from Jan Adolph, 13/03/19

I wintered with Charlie at Wilkes, his first trip, in 1967. Charlie was well liked by everyone. He was a great team member, and highly regarded as a very capable mechanic. He was at our 40 year Wilkes re-union but health issues prevented him travelling to our 50 year re-union in 2017 . He was one of nature’s hard working gentlemen. Rest peacefully Charlie.
Message from Geoff Payne, 14/03/19
I drove up to Woodenbong to Charlies funera llast Thurs.
It was held in the Old Movie Theatre, now the Public Hall. The place was packed, standing room only and most of the shops shut for a few hours. Quite a few ANARE people were there, mostly from QLD.
Message from Graeme (Chompers) Currie), 23/03/19
An ANARE contingent attended the funeral of Charlie Weir in Woodenbong NSW, Thursday 21st March 2019. Contingent included Graeme ‘Chompers’ Currie, Kit and Mrs Scally, Mike Pache, Callum Young, John Hetherington, Dr Julie Kibby, Trevor Luff along with Peter and Mrs Thompson.
Amongst the Eulogies on the day, Chompers Currie presented the four Winters he spent with Charlie W67,C69,M87 and Q89. Trevor Luff passed on most sincere condolences to Shirley and family from our National Council President Joe Johnson. Trevor Luff also pointed out how Charlie lived through rapid life changes including communication which saw the last use of the Morse Code WYSSA to now using laptops on site. Trevor then read a note from Brian Harvey of Charlie being a true ANARE man who understood the meaning of comrade ship. If a task was to be done he just got on with it and the job was done.
The Town Hall was packed and it was noted time was not wasted by settling into the Golf Club very smartly, for the afters drink in true Charlie Weir fashion.
Rest in peace Charlie.
Message from Trevor Luff, 22/03/19