Vale John Rigby

We have the sad news of John’s passing via Social Media today. Unfortunately I am waiting on some more information about John and will post it when available.Regret to inform the Club re the passing of John Rigby.

RIP John.

email received from Richard Unwin and George Friend, 11 October 2021

John has been a very keen and enthusiastic Member of the Club and served for many years on the Queensland Committee. He was still active around his 90th birthday but I have not been in touch with him in recent years (when I have been less active).
For starters: John Rigby became involved with the ANARE Club as a result of a mutual friend introducing him to me because of Antarctic involvement.
He attended Queensland Midwinter Dinner in 1976 for the first time — and has not missed many since.

So he would have been an Associate first of all.

Antarctic Service started with USARP in 1966. He was very pleased to serve subsequently with ANARE and worked in PCM in 1992.

John was a palentologist. He came to Queensland from South America (Brazil I think it was but my memory could well be unreliable) where he was a Professor at the university.
In Queensland, John worked in the Department of Mines until he retired (on the basis of age) and then became a lecturer at QIT in the Geology Department. He was still there when it became QUT and he was provided with an office working as an unpaid lecturer.
Queensland Members will recall his enthusiastic mini-lectures at Midwinter Dinners. Normally a very quiet person he was sometimes difficult to stop his interesting talk.

And a final comment:- John quite often attended Branch meetings with a rendevous at the Carstens residence, having insisted on walking from the Moorooka railway Station, some 3 to 4 kilometres, up hill, have meal along with Nev Collins, before the meeting at Carstens. This continued after meetings moved to Richard Unwin’s home with three intrepids sharing transport. There was always a volunteer to drive John home from the meeting.

David Carstens