Early Membership Renewal Reminder Email

A message from Peter Field, ANARE Club Webmaster

Ooops…. We may have sent you a Membership Renewal Reminder email too soon!

On Monday, our new system inadvertently would have sent some Members a Membership Renewal Reminder email to renew your subscription with our Club. As with new systems, we have teething issues. This reminder email was not meant to go out until 1 June 2021, with subsequent reminders following.

As we are still fine tuning our renewal system, please do not make your payment until you receive notification in June. If you have already made payment, thankyou.

I am aware one of the issues includes where members are being charged at the International rate of $55.00. If you still wish to make payment using a Bank Transfer, and you are located in Australia, please ensure this is paid as $45.00.

If you have made a payment of $55.00 (Bank Transfer or PayPal) and you do not require a refund but would like this applied as a credit to your Membership Account, we will take note of this and apply this in next year’s payment. You do not need to do anything.

Some other teething issues we are sorting out include:

  1. A “Renewal” button or icon to simplify the renewal process. This should also simplify the process and avoid the confusion currently offered where I believe Members do not immediately receive the Bank Transfer information and click again to subscribe (sometimes more than once).
  2. Minor wording changes in outgoing correspondence to Members to provide information in a clearer format.
  3. Enable Members to create their own, user friendly passwords for our site.
  4. Better integration and display of current Members’ information and sharing among other Members
  5. An option to include your visits to Antarctic Stations in a better format.

I thank you for your patience with our website development. Feedback, suggestions and input is always welcome.

Kind regards


ANARE Club Webmaster