Doug Twigg’s Birthday


Members will be pleased to learn that our pioneer Old and bold expeditioner , Dudley (Doug) Twigg celebrated his 94th birthday with his family and friends last Sunday 27 February 2022.

The Club with the help of the family was able to send a birthday card with greetings from President George, the National Council and from his ANARE friends and colleagues.

Doug is now in a nursing home following the passing of his wife Marjorie last month. Doug is well for his age and and remembers vividly his times with ANARE down South.

On a related matter, the Club wishes to remember the birth dates of our elderly Octogenarian and Nonogenarian members, as our club records  have not captured these dates over the years

We will have a member with a 100th birthday in November this year and John Russell will celebrate his 102nd birthday in June.

If members have a special birth date coming up (or if members are aware of other members with a special birth date), please let our Secretary know at .

we will endeavour with the help of the member’s family to send a birthday card and perhaps arrange a congratulatory call from our President.