Vale Bridget Payne

The ANARE Club regrets to announce the passing of Bridget Payne.

Bridget Payne, long time Antarctic Division employee, passed away last month. Many of us will have memories of Bridget in our contact with the Division.

Bridget’s family has decided against holding a funeral or other public ceremony to mark her passing. But they are happy for us to arrange a memorial event for Bridget at the AAD.

The event will take place at the flagpoles at the Antarctic Division at 10am on Wednesday, 9 June 2021. The event will be recorded by Corporate Comms and placed on the AAD Intranet for those of you down south or are otherwise unable to attend in person.

Bridget was loved and respected by all of us at the AAD, and I’m sure that many of you will have thoughts and memories that you might wish to share on this occasion.

email received from Jan Adolph, 7 June 2021