Vale Bill Taylor

Station Year Season
Mawson 1963 Winter

Dear Mawson 63 colleagues of my Dad, Bill Taylor

I’m so sorry to advise that Bill passed away last Friday night, 11 September.

He had been unwell in recent years, first with bowel cancer, and most recently with a neurological condition that led to him becoming slowly more and more crippled. While his mind remained as sharp as ever, he sadly lost more and more physical strength and ability. It was such a sad way to go for such an active and capable bloke.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions in Melbourne, his funeral can only have 10 people at it, but will be broadcast on the internet.

The funeral will take place at 10.30am this coming Thursday 17 September, but I believe the service will be viewable for a few weeks afterwards too.

My warmest wishes to you all, and please send me any photos or words of reminiscence about Dad if you are able.

Fleur Taylor

Email received from Fleur Taylor, 15 September 2020