2022 Phil Law Medal

Dr Joe Johnson, CSC, OAM, AAM

In recognition of his outstanding contribution to Antarctic affairs and the wider Antarctic Community, particularly for his Station and Voyage Leadership; as Antarctic Names & Medal Committee Chairman; work in relation to the Antarctic Air link and service to the ANARE Club.

Joe in acknowledging the Award referred to the role of leadership on Antarctica; ‘To be a good leader, you lead good people and this medal is much a tribute to Casey 1981, Davis 1998 and the crews of the Polar Bird and the Captain Khlebnikov, with whom I had the great honour to serve. Ladies and Gentlemen who have served in Antarctica, this is not an award to Joe Johnson, this is an award to Antarctic expeditioners over many years’

Presented at the 75th Anniversary Lunch of ANARE and the AAP (1947-2022)
Hobart 26 August 2022