Tom Maggs

Vale- Tom Maggs

Station Year Season
Mawson 1977 Winter
Mawson 1980 Winter
Casey (as SL) 1988 Winter

Tom Maggs passed away this evening. He had a stroke last Wednesday.
Tom was a radio operator at Mawson and then station leader. He worked at the AAD for many years.
Email received from Denise Allen 24/12/17

Tom’s sister Marie asked me if I could send Antarctic photos of Tom for the service. I don’t have many good ones, but I’ve offered to put out a call for photos and to be the coordinator.
When I start to think of the breadth of Tom’s acquaintances, it’s daunting.
In addition to the AntDiv and his ANARE winters, he always made friends among the summer researchers and the ship’s crews. For example he often spoke of Arne Sorensen. Tom also had friends in Canberra through the Department of Environment, and he attended overseas missions for the Division and would speak of people he’d met. He had friends in Japan and France (Antoine Guicharde is the person who first alerted me to Tom’s stroke).
Email received from Kevin Shepherd 26/12/17

It is with a heavy heart I advise the sad passing of Tom Maggs- a man known to so many of us.
Tom had a massive stroke on the Wednesday prior to Christmas that resulted in a “catastrophic brain bleed” and despite the best efforts of the Neurosurgeons a decision was made to switch off his life support system as there was nothing further that could be done.
He passed away Christmas Eve with his Daughters Bonnie and Georgina holding his hands while listening to Pink Floyd.
Tom wintered at Mawson 1977 and 1980 as Comms Officer and at Casey in 1988 as OIC. He worked in the Division in Melbourne prior to shifting to Kingston in 1981 and stayed on and rising through the ranks to position of Environmental Manager. He also was a Voyage Leader on trips down South.
I first met Tom in November 1979 at his Parents fruit block in Red Cliffs. Had lunch with Tom and his Parents Lorna and Tom (Snr) and Enid Borschmann. Enid and myself had just come back from Macquarie Island 1978 and Tom was getting ready to go back to Mawson. Tom was know as a very fair man, loved and respected by all that knew him. He leaves a lasting legacy of memories of a good bloke.
Special thanks to Ulla Knox-Little who has kept us all in the loop in respect of this very sad situation.
Should any of you have pictures of Tom it would be appreciated if you could send them to Ulla at as Tom’s Sister Marie is seeking to have some.
Our thoughts are with all of Tom’s family and his many friends.
He was one of the best and will be sorely missed.
Email received from Ralph (Noddy) Fletcher 27/12/17

Tom’s funeral will be held 10am, Tuesday, 2nd January at Turnbull’s in Leticia Street, North Hobart.
Email received from Jan Adolph 27/12/17