Vale Roy Arnel

Station Year Season
Macquarie Island 1952 Winter
Mawson 1957 Winter
Mawson 1958 Winter

A country boy from Western District, Victoria, Roy was one of two last men standing at Macquarie Island in 1952 – with Rob Gurr of Adelaide who celebrated his 94th birthday on 11 February 2024. In 1957, Roy spent the year at Mawson as a Radio Operator and completed the following year 1958 at Mawson as the Geophysicist’s Assistant.

In recent years, the Club reached out to Roy at the Eventide Homes and in 2022 Roy was able to take part in the Club’s Video Teleconference with Macquarie Island which he enjoyed immensely.

Roy’s funeral will be held at the Lutheran Church, 12 Thompson Street, Hamilton, Victoria at 10.00 am on Tuesday 20 February 2024.

Roy at the Radio Office Mawson, April 1957

Roy at the Radio Office Mawson, April 1957