Reginald Thomas (Pat) Lee

Vale Reginald Thomas (Pat) Lee

Reginald Thomas Lee, PM passed away 6 June 2012. He was 90 years old.

Pat Lee, as he is more commonly known, was a member of the City of Parramatta RSL sub-Branch, and a Life Member of the RSL. Pat was that somewhat eccentric character that amused the crowds each ANZAC Day by wearing a tin hat with “Lest We Forget” painted across the front. This year was the first ANZAC Day parade that Pat missed in memory.

Pat lived with his sister Margaret, and her death shortly before ANZAC Day affected him greatly. Pat served almost six years in the RAAF and served in New Guinea in 1944-45.  After the war, Pat joined the Merchant Navy as an engineer.

He served as tractor driver and explorer on Antarctic expeditions 1956 – 1958 and again in 1965 – 1967. Pat was decorated with the British Polar Medal, and at the Australian Mawson Base in Antarctica, Lee Island was named after him.