Reconnecting with the ANARE Club

Reconnecting with the ANARE Club

From time to time the ANARE Club’s National Council reviews its Membership Database for memberships that have lapsed.  We reach out to warmly invite those members to consider re-connecting with friends and colleagues from their times in Antarctica, as a returning member of our Club.

The ANARE Club has been re-energised; maintaining a focus on connecting former expeditioners, ensuring respect for their contribution to Australia’s Antarctic programs, and as advocates for the proud history and heritage of our nation’s Antarctic involvement from the ‘Heroic Age’ to the Modern Era.  See samples of our activities in our News Pages.  Our revitalisation is also evident in the fresh look of our Aurora Journal, building upon years of the proud traditions of ANARE and the accumulated contributions of your ANARE Club comrades.

A decline in Club membership in recent years has been halted.  Membership now has an upward trend as we reach out to current expeditioners, the wider Antarctic community and families, and to those with an interest in the future of Australia’s Antarctic ambitions.  As we broaden our reach, we wish to draw from the experience, knowledge and rich narratives of former expeditioners, to ensure continued respect for ANARE and Australia’s proud place in Antarctic history.

In October 2026, the Club will celebrate the 75th Anniversary of its founding.  We will be publishing a History of your Club during the past 25 years 2001-2026.  As we achieved with our 50th Jubilee publication, we plan to celebrate all members of the Club in 2026 and it would be important to be able to list all those who have served down South who are still members of the Club.

Our current annual membership subscription is $50 per annum, or $35 per annum as a Digital Member.  If your membership has lapsed, please visit our website to renew your subscription, refresh your profile and email address, and reconnect with the ANARE community.  If you experience difficulties see our Help Pages, or please complete our contact form and we will be glad to assist.

If you would like to discuss your situation with me, please feel free to contact me at


We look forward to you reconnecting with us,


David Dodd


David Dodd (President) and the 2023-2024 National Council