Vale Ray Brookes

Station Year Season
Davis 1972 Winter
Davis 1974 Winter

The ANARE Club has received the sad news from from Nurelle O’Toole letting us know that her father, Ray Brookes, passed away peacefully during the night of 12 April 2023.

Nurelle let me know how much Ray enjoyed his time at the NSW Midwinter event last year – the first he had attended in many years.

There is a story relating to the passing over of an artwork, by Shelagh Robinson, won by Ray at a NSW Midwinter event many years ago, to Rowan Butler; I will let Rowan tell you about that.

There will be a funeral and wake but for immediate family only; apparently, Ray said he didn’t want any “bloody hangers-on” attending!

email received from Lucinda Coates, 18 April 2023