Nuyina Voyage 3 2023-24

Heading for Hobart. SITREP Tue 29-Mar-2024 . 51° 36′ S, 117° 50′ E  (30/03/2024). RSV Nuyina WebcamsAAD Map.

Remarks: “Our beautiful day yesterday turned into a magically evening with a stunning late night or very early morning aurora. The sighting of what is believed to be macaroni penguins porpoising on the surface was a welcome sight yesterday and today a spattering of whales as we crossed the convergence zone. For those not familiar, Macaroni penguins weigh from 4–7 kg and stand approximately 70 cm tall. Their longevity is not well known, but estimated at 20 years or more. There scientific name is derived from the Greek meaning “good diver” (Eudyptes) “with a golden crest” (chrysolophus). We have a few days left on the voyage so will wait in anticipation to see what other sights are reported and then hopefully recorded by the keen photographers onboard.”

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