Norm Linton-Smith

Vale Norm Linton-Smith

Prince Charles Mts 1970 Summer Field
Non ANARE 1983 Expedition Instrument Fitter / Tech Officer

I notice in today’s Herald Sun a funeral notice for Norman Robert Linton-Smith to be held at Inglewood Chapel, 130 Eltham/Yarra Glen Road, Kangaroo Ground Wednesday 14th May 1.30pm.

So sadly it has to be Norm who way back in 1975 at Rocky Valley Dam showed us how to tie knots (though sometimes he tied himself in knots) and how to charge down the icy slope and wack the ice pick into the slippery slope a couple of metres before about a 10 metre drop and hope to erect polar pyramid tents.

Notified by Noddy Fletcher-via email 10 May 2014