Melbourne Mid Winter Dinner 2022

Mawson 1972 

Back row, from left: John Young, Bob Devitt, Stewart Swords, Peter Spruzen, Ole Olesen, Evan Jones, Brian Clifford, Ken Wilson, Ken Withers, Neil Roberts, Keith Meerbach, Max Cutcliffe

Middle, from left: Mal Broadhurst, Bill Thomas, Attila Vrana, Mark McGinley, Graham Mills,

Lawry Koger, Robin Regester, Des Parker, Dave Robertson, Dave Parer.

Front row, from left: Lou Ekstrom, Ted Giles, Jovan Sillich, Mike Phillips

Mawson 1972 mob – 50th year reunion at Melbourne midwinter 1972

rear l to r: Dave Parer (Cosray Physicist), Neil Roberts (Station OIC), Lawry Koger (Radio tech), Mike Phillips (Met Obs), Stewart Swords (Met Obs), Dave Robertson (Met Tech), Rear far Right: Dave McAvoy not of Mawson ’72 crew rather Mawson smr’79 & Casey smr’82

front l to r: Graham Mills (Snr. Diesel Mechanic), Robin Regester (Snr. Diesel Mechanic), Ken Withers (Plant Inspector), Peter Spruzen (Elec Engineer)

L-R: Graeme Mills, Rob Register and Ken Withers