My Adventurous Times in Antarctica

Lance Olsen – Macquarie Island 1978 and Casey 1981

I first entered the electronic and communications field after training with the Overseas Telecommunications Commission (OTC Aust), to become a Technical Officer in overseas satellite, submarine cable and the radio communications fields. With 18 months experience on the OTC Coastal Radio Station (Darwin), I applied and was accepted by The Australian Antarctic Division to serve at Macquarie Island (15 months) in 1978, and then again at Casey Station (12 months) in 1981.

I have since held Technician, Technical Officer, Team Leader and Trouble shooter positions in various communications companies and the Sydney Opera House (electronics section). I also formed a successful employment agency in Sydney in the late 1980’s which is still operating today. I have retired in 2021, and decided to extend my challenges to writing a non-fiction books based on my experiences with ANARE.

My first book is called “My Adventurous Times in Antarctica” published May ‘2022, and I am presently writing my second book also on Antarctic experiences.

My personal experience of wintering in Antarctica, with the Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition. Scientific Research Stations at Macquarie Island (1978) and Casey Station Antarctica (1981). This book consists of many pictures and stories of the expeditioners life and duties in these isolated, harsh environments.

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