Vale Ken Morrison

Station Year Season
Mawson 1966 Winter

The ANARE Club is sad to advise that Kenneth W Morrison passed away in August 2022.

(Notified by Phillip Tuckett)

Kenneth W Morrison (1931-2022)

OIC Mawson 1966

Ken Morrison (M66) passed away peacefully in his sleep last August in the Dorset Lodge aged care home east of Melbourne, aged 90. He was born in Bendigo, Victoria, on 27 October 1931. His professional career was spent at the petro-chemical complex in the inner Melbourne suburb of Altona.

Ken was an excellent leader of men: always firm without appearing bossy and always willing to help others achieve their goals. In 1966 Ken served as Officer-in-Charge at Mawson station, keeping in touch with his wife, Edna, through helpful amateur radio operators. Edna became a founding member of the Antarctic Wives Association, joining their first committee as treasurer (see Dec 2022 Aurora article).

Unfortunately, in 1969 a morning fire destroyed their Ringwood house; they lost Edna’s pet Dachshund dogs, but their photographs
were saved and restored by a friend. Rather than re-building, they purchased an existing house and flat in the adjoining suburb of Croydon, where they lived for the remainder of their lives, raising their three children: Ian, Peta and Phillip.

Following their retirement Ken and Edna travelled widely. They obtained a four-wheel drive, going north to Cape York and the Kimberleys, also trying adventure sports overseas. In later years Ken joined the Manningham Woodworkers’ Club and became a passionate devotee to the craft of fine carpentry, making wooden boxes which are treasured still by his family. Edna became an enthusiastic researcher of their family history.

Both Edna and their only daughter, Peta, predeceased Ken, who was cared for in his later years by his son, Ian.

Acknowledgement: I would like to thank Ian for his invaluable help providing details of Ken’s life and offer condolences on behalf of Ken’s many friends in ANARE.

Phillip Tuckett (M70)

Kenneth W Morrison (1931-2022)

OIC Mawson 1966

Ted was selected for the position as Radio Officer-In-Charge at Mawson for the 1972 expedition year with ANARE. He signed on again in the same position for the 1974 year, and in August they lost one radio officer, leaving three. The station staff will have felt this loss acutely, and of course the Radio Section will have been further reduced to two operators during the three-months’ long Spring trip. Ted returned home in March 1975 and resumed work at the CTO after his leave. Later he was in for a pleasant surprise – in 1978 he was awarded the Polar Medal for meritorious service with ANARE. Ted also appeared on an Australian postage stamp issued in honour of Antarctic activities and was depicted in full winter regalia, standing behind a dog sled.

Ted remained in general telegraph operations for the rest of his working life, a job which entailed a high degree of concentration, technical knowledge and complete accuracy, and Ted was well equipped for the role.

Over many years Ted showed a propensity for voluntary, and charitable and similar unpaid work, first as a lifesaver (he gained his surf Bronze Medallion in 1969) then as Club president and Vicepresident and Club radio communications advisor for five years. In 1981 Ted was awarded Life Membership of the 13th Beach Surf Life Saving Club for his outstanding contributions over 17 years. He was also a long-time member of the Belmont Lawn Bowls Club and was honoured with Life Membership.

Allan Moore – Mawson Radio VLV – 1963 and 1965.