Ken Simpson – Macquarie Is 63, 64, 65, 66

Vale Ken Simpson – Macquarie Is 63, 64, 65, 66

Macquarie Island 1963 Summer Biology
Macquarie Island 1964 Summer Biology
Macquarie Island 1965 Winter BIOLOGY
Macquarie Island 1966 Summer Biology

I’m writing to inform you that my brother Ken Simpson passed away on 9th July 2014 after a long illness, at the age of 75.
Ken was a member of the ANARE Club for many years.  He wintered over twice at Macquarie Island during the mid-1960s, where he conducted research on the Royal Penguin and the Wandering Albatross.  His interest in penguins was revived in recent years when he began a study of the various Eudyptes penguin species on Australian shores and coastal waters , a work that is still in progress.

He was author several books on birds and bird-watching, but his lasting legacy is the highly successful “The Birds of Australia” (along with illustrator Nicholas Day and art director Peter Trusler), published in 1984 in hardback, with a second edition in 1986, followed by the softcover “Field Guide to the Birds of Australia”, now in its eighth edition.

Ken is survived by his daughters Catherine, Joanne, Helen and Elizabeth; his long-time partner Zoë, and his brother Peter.

You may like to include the above information about Ken in your next edition of Aurora.  I would appreciate it if you would discuss any major alterations with me first.
Received by email from Peter Simpson 13/7/14