Jack Dart -MI 64, 65,Mawson 69, 71,73,75

Vale Jack Dart -MI 64, 65,Mawson 69, 71,73,75

Macquarie Island 1964 Winter RADIO OFFICER
Macquarie Island 1965 Winter TECH OFFICER BIOLOGY
Mawson 1969 Winter RADIO OFFICER
Mawson 1971 Winter RADIO OFFICER
Mawson 1973 Winter RADIO OFFICER
Mawson 1975 Winter RADIO OFFICER

More sad news I’m afraid. I’ve just been informed by Ian Allison that the legendary Jack Dart
(Q64, Q65, M69, M71, M73, M75) died on Wednesday.

Jack was a radio operator looking after
many of the aircraft operations from Mawson in the
early seventies. He will be well remembered by many early
ANARE people. Email from J.Adolph 3/10/14