Vale Enid Borschmann

Station Year Season
Macquarie Island 1978 Winter
Mawson 1985 Winter

Regret to inform Council and Members re the passing of Enid Borschmann tonight in Mildura. Enid was Chef at Macquarie Island 1978 and again at Mawson in 1985.

Enid was a former Principal of Mildura High School and was highly regarded by her former students. She was a great cook and always looked back on her time down South with fondness. 

Linda and myself were fortunate to spend many an hour around campfires on the Murray River with Enid at her annual Easter Camp. We saw her as recently as 8 weeks ago.

Enid lived a rich and rewarding life. May she rest in peace.

Ralph “Noddy” Fletcher

Email received from Ralph “Noddy” Fletcher, 13 October2020