David Wigg

Vale David Wigg
Mawson 62

Dr David Wigg, the medical doctor at Mawson in 1962 died on Thursday afternoon 9 December 2010.

A number of Mawson 1962 Party have been keeping in touch with David and Christine over the past many weeks when David has been most unwell. David had open heart surgery and during recovery sufferred a stroke.

Rex Filson, Mark Single and Snow Williams have been in touch with Christine, and have occasionally spoken to Dave when he has been home. Dave has had difficulty in speaking after the stroke.

Rex had advised a few of us that David had been admitted to hospital and was in intensive care a few days ago, with little expectation of living much longer. Christine undertook that she would advise Rex as the situation developed.

Rex was advised this morning that David had died.The funeral is in Adelaide on Wednesday 15 December 2010 at 10am.

Information provided by David Carstens and posted on 11 December 2010.