Centenary of Antarctic Expeditions

Historic commemorative flight to Commonwealth Bay (Mawson’s Huts) and the Ross Sea area (McMurdo Sound) out of Sydney on Sunday 12 February 2012.

Antarctic Sightseeing Flight
Sunday the 12 February 2012 I went on a flight with QANTAS with Croydon Travel.
I met up with Paddy & Ann Butterworth & David Dodd it was Good to catch up with them.
It was a full Flight & I thought we were going have trouble viewing Antarctica especially when we had cloud cover until Cape Adare.

Well I was wrong & after taking more then 300 photos It did turn out a great trip.
The weather cleared to give us a fantastic view. As we travel south through the Victory Mountains we had a good view of Mt Minto one of the tallest in Antarctica.
The Pilot was turning the Aircraft so both side of the Aircraft had a good view & this continue further down toward Mariner Glacier, then heading West see more Glaciers & Mountain peaks for 1 & half hour? Then climb to 5000+ metre Heading toward Dumont D’urville Via Mertz Glacier & Mawson Hut.
There’s more the Captain went through the South Magnetic Pole & did few turns to see what the compass does, some of passenger got to there compass out to find it was not working properly.
Over all I think it was great flight & made few friends, & Monday night I down load 20 DVD, as I promised to people I met I will make a copy of some of my Antarctic Photos.
I also told few of the passenger to check our web site but when check the stat. tonight it show it is the lowest in days 🙁
I enjoyed sharing few story with other passenger & I hope they check our web in the future 🙂
Phil Silvestro