Army Midwinter in Townsville

At a Army RASIGs Re-union June 2021

Pictured from Left to right: Paul “Giggles” Gigg (Mawson 1990, Macquarie Is 1998), Peter Field (Davis 1996, Mawson 2002, ANARE Club Webmaster), David “Mumbles” Davies (Mawson 1999, Davis 2009, Casey 2012, Davis 2016, Mawson 2019) and Mark “Mango” Mangles (Macquarie Is 2012)

At an RASIGs (Royal Australian Corps of Signals) reunion in Townsville, June 2021, we noticed the Corp displayed on their Flag a list of places Corps members have served in battle and “Other deployments”. In the Other deployments was listed Antarctica. We were at a barbeque hosted by 3 Combat Signals Regiment, Townsville and thank them for a great display of current military equipment and for their superb hospitality.