Project objectives

  • To mark the 75th anniversary of ANARE through a heritage project
  • To preserve an early ANARE pennant (as they are no longer in use by AAD )
  • To affirm and commemorate the achievements of ANARE
  • To link the more diversified AAP with ANARE endeavours & traditions
  • To engender today’s AAP expeditioners with a sense of Australian Antarctic heritage

ANARE Pennant – Its use and place in Antarctic history

  • The ANARE pennant was the Expedition flag for each succeeding ANARE
  • The ANARE pennant is unique and represents founding origins not to be dismissed without loss of meaning and purpose.
  • The ANARE Club, being of the expeditions, has direct links with the pennants use and should affirm this link
  • While succeeded by the modern AAP roundel the ANARE pennant still links us with pride through a unifying purpose.

Conserving cultural heritage is a skilled task and relies on understanding of the significance of the object as well as detailed structural and chemical knowledge. Conservation treatments should be carried out by qualified conservators.” Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material

Richard Ferguson, long-term museum professional, Club Member and past Council Member, will oversee the more technical aspects of project delivery by heritage specialists working to industry best practice.

Project budget estimate

Deliverable $
Conservation and Framing $10,000
Crating & Shipping $2,500
Sub Total $12,500
Display & Installation AAD Cost
Contingency $2,000
Total $14,500


Funding support donations for ANARE Pennant Project can be made at

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Electronic Bank Transfer or Direct Deposit

National Australia Bank:  BSB: 083266  Account (VIC. Branch): 170012477 

PLS identify NAB deposit with “ANARE pennant & your Name”  

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1947 – 2022

Rally, Rally to the flag

75 years ANARE

‘There is an odd, rather elegant pennant flying these days from the headquarters of ANARE (the Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions) in St. Kilda Road, Melbourne. A refreshing change from the ubiquitous penguin, it depicts a rare, odd, elegant creature, a leopard seal couchant. Less than a thousand Australians are entitled to wear a miniature gilt replica denoting service in the far south … in the most isolated, coldest, windiest continent on earth, Antarctica’

John Bechevaise, July 1965

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