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Vale - Tony Bulcock
Maquarie Island 1976 Electronic Technician Radio Tech

My father, Tony Bulcock, passed away early on the morning of Monday 10 August, 2020

Email from A. Bulcock

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The ANARE Club Website Upgrade

The ANARE Club is proud to announce we will be working with Your Digital Solution to upgrade our website in the near future.

Our existing website will be still fully operational during this upgrade and we will migrate across all existing information in the process.

We are excited with the opportunities this will bring to our Club members and members who like to browse our website.


Vale - Bill Taylor

I'm so sorry to advise that Bill passed away last Friday night, 11 September.

He had been unwell in recent years, first with bowel cancer, and most recently with a neurological condition that led to him becoming slowly more and more crippled. While his mind remained as sharp as ever, he sadly lost more and more physical strength and ability. It was such a sad way to go for such an active and capable bloke.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions in Melbourne, his funeral can only have 10 people at it, but will be broadcast on the internet HERE

warmest wishes to you all

Fleur Taylor

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