Peter Neville “Benno” Bennett

Vale- Peter Neville “Benno” Bennett

Station Year Season
Casey 1972 Winter

An obituary for Peter (1938-2017) was published in the June/July 2017 edition of Aurora.

In relating his life and its sad conclusion, we touched on some salient points. A decent, patriotic Australian who served his country well, with service as a regular in the Australian Army, service with the PMG, and a memorable member of the 1972 Casey expedition as a radio officer.

Before the Army and after retiring from the PMG as a telegraphist, Peter was always industrious and found work in many fields – driver, security guard, driver of large goods vehicles and the like. While starting life as a foster child for some years, he overcame various obstacles and made a success of whatever he turned to. He never complained or looked to apportion blame.

He was well-loved by his family members, and well-liked by his many friends and colleagues, wherever he was employed. All those consulted have very fond and lasting memories of a good and reliable person. He was a character, a raconteur, a sporting lover with interests in fishing, horse racing, darts, and a convivial beer with whomever could join him for a while.

Peter’s good humour was a significant trait, as was his infectious laughter. He brightened up many people’s lives and thoroughly enjoyed being involved with his fellow men and women. We farewell and salute a really good man who was born, and died on an ANZAC day. He is sorely missed.

Tribute (abbreviated from Aurora Winter 2017) received from Wayne Bennett, Maureen Reid, Allan & Lorraine Moore