Lindsay Meades

Vale Lindsay Meades
Casey 81

The 1981 Casey Expeditioners regret to record the passing of Lindsay Meades, one of our radio operators. He was a great Expeditioner who always had a sparkle in his eyes and was always prepared to go the extra mile if he thought that was needed of him.
He was always a pleasure to have on the Expedition and was remarkably good at his work. His artistic abilities were very useful on the Station and he was a good cartoonist as well.

Joe Johnson, OiC.
This was posted on 14 September 2010

Joe also wrote in a separate email:
Lindsay really was a very good expeditioner and is sorely missed by the Casey 81 community. We still meet every five years in a different part of Australia and keep in regular touch with each other.

It was an interesting group – back in those days winter parties were larger than in the 90s – Lindsay was the youngest expeditioner and Don Reid, of clothing store fame, then on his first trip south, was the oldest.