Dr Robert Waugh

Vale- Dr Robert Waugh

It is with deep regret I wish to notify the Club of the death of Dr Robert Waugh who was the doctor at Davis Station in 1976. He was a great practical joker, and on one occasion he deleated a Reuter  report and installed this message ” The shipping line of Lorretson was in the hands of the Receivers, and the ANARE Stations would not be relieved this year, however ANARE Headquarters was in negotiations with the Receivers to release the Flag Ship of the line” You can imagine the furore that this caused, instead of tears the young ones were adding up their pay cheques, and when Bob owned up to the prank one youngster tried to strangle him. Bob was a dear friend of mine and he will leave an empty space in this world, Bless him

Facebook post/email from C.Alford 17/03/16