David Ellyard ANARE Club Representative VOYAGE 2, Aurora Australis, 2003 – 2004

David Ellyard in Antarctica

David Ellyard is this year’s ANARE Club representative, filling the “Club berth” graciously provided by the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) as a measure of its support for the work of the Club. For the last 50 years the Club has built and maintained contacts between members of ANARE (Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions).

This year’s berth is on Voyage 2 of the Aurora Australis to Davis Base on the Antarctic continent and to the nearby Chinese base at Zhong Shan, arriving back in Fremantle about 5 December. David is returning to Antarctica which he last visited 37 years ago as the cosmic ray physicist in the 1966 wintering party at Mawson.

David has been active in the ANARE Club for over 30 years, serving as President and committee member of the NSW Branch of the Club and for the last 20 years has been the Master of Ceremonies at the ANARE Sydney Midwinter Dinner.