Who’s Coming to the NSW Midwinter Lunch?!

Austin, Craig (C 72)

Blades, Quentin (C 69)

Burbury, Rick (Mar Sci 80 t0 00)

Butler, Rowan (M 81 C 84 BH’86 Club rep 18s MarSci HI)

Carter, Greg (Director, Mawsons Huts Foundation; Chairman, Australian Antarctic Festival)

Christainsen, Col (M C D HI AA Club rep RRS John Biscoe 71-02)

Coates, Lucinda (PCM 92s Club rep C 02s M/D 17s)

Currie, Graeme (Chompers) (M 60 77 W 63 67 C 69 74 S Pole 81 Q 83 85 87 89 BH 85s rt 95-99)

Donaldson, John (C 06)

Ellyard, David (M 66, Club rep 03, CB 12) (with guest Sue Ellyard)

Filson, Rex (M 62, Q 64s, PCM 75) (with guests Susan, Tim, Keller and Maile Filson)

Fitch, Stu (HI 01s)

Fryirs, Kirstie (C 09s 10s)

Holmwood, Owen (C 89)

Kibby, Julie (Q 89, Mar sci 91)

Landon-Smith, Ian (M 62) (with guests Nan and Elizabeth Landon-Smith)

Macey, Damian (son of Lem Macey)

Manning, John (M 67) (with guest Beth Manning)

Marsden, John (C 06)

Morgan, Michael (Enderby Land 75s 76s) (with guest Carol Morgan)

Olrog, Trevor (Q 65 W 67)

Robinson, Geoff (M 73, rt 92)

Silvestro, Phil (C82s Club rep 06s) (with guest Donna Silvestro)

Stubbs, Lindsay (M 79)

Symonds, Steve (Q 72 Club rep C/Q 00)

Taylor, Tracey (C 06)

Webb, Ron (Q 72; M 83; C’wlth Bay 04)

Whitelaw, Margaret (D 04, Club rep M/D 11) (with guests Ron and Rohan Whitelaw)


Boyd, John (W 65)

Brookes, Ray (Law Base 71s D 72 74 Q 76s CB 78s)

Dartnell, Herbert (BAS Signy Is 74 75 Georgia Is 93s ANARE Q 90s D 91 SANAE Gough/Marion Is 08s)

McKay, Matthew ()

McLean, Neil ()

Pinn, John (M 57)

Selkirk, Patricia (Q 9xsummers 1979-2004, C 83s, HI 00s, Dry Valleys 4xsummers 1992-98 (Antarctica-NZ), Kerguelen 05s (IPEV))

Sawyers, Leon (C 71 75)

Williams, Lynn (Q 81, M 84, HI 86s)

Willliams, Warwick (Scott Base 78 Q 81 M 84 86s)

If your name is not yet here, it means one of three things:

  • You have not yet responded! Don’t miss out on this excellent annual event!!
  • We have not yet updated this list (it will happen weekly, then more often…)
  • You’ve paid but have not told us your name! (If you’d like a name tag, or to ensure any special dietary requirements are met, please do so…)

Or maybe you’d love to come but for some reason have not received an invitation. If this is the case:

  1. Our apologies for this oversight!
  2. Please email me, Lucinda.