2021 Melbourne Mid-Winter Dinner ‘Who’s attending list’

Ian Bird Mawson’60
Peter Graham Macquarie’65
Rod Mackenzie Wilkes Repstat smr’66 Casey’68
John Gillies Mawson’67 Casey’69
David Carter Wilkes’67
Bill Ware Mawson’68 & Macquarie/Casey/Davis smr voyages
Jorgen Berg Thala Dan smrs’70 & ’74 & ‘76
Bob Tomkins Mawson’70, Macquarie’75, Macquarie smrs’76/77 & 81/82
Phillip Tuckett Mawson’70
Bill Singleton Casey’72, Davis’81, Mawson’85
Richard Lightfoot Casey ‘73
Holberry-Morgan & carer Davis’74 Mawson’76
Chris Gamgee Casey’75
Rob Nash Mawson’75 & ’77 & ’93
Brian Harvey Mawson’77, Macquarie’79
Kevin Donovan Macquarie smr’77/78, Davis’85, Mawson’86, All Stn voyage’88, Mawson’96, Davis 2006/07 smr
Doug Green Casey’83 Mawson’86 CASEY Table
Geoff Robertson Casey’83 & ’85 CASEY Table
Garry Hardie Mawson’80, Casey’83, Mawson’86 CASEY Table
Dave McAvoy Mawson smr’79, Casey smr’82 CASEY Table
Peter Browne Casey’82 CASEY Table
Ivan Taylor Casey’82 CASEY Table
Christopher Eavis Macquarie’83, Mawson’88, Marine Science Engineer smr’83 & smr’84
Keith Chatto Davis smr’84 ACS
Brian Daly Davis/Mawson smr’85 ACS
Bob Libbitter Mawson smr’82 Casey smr’84 Davis smr’86 Mawson’90 Davis’96
Bill Collins Mawson’90, Casey’93
Laurie Ryan Casey smr’92 & smr’94
Alan Lambert Casey smr’95
Damian Love Mawson’98/99 smr, Casey’99, Mawson’02, Macquarie’05
Melanie Van Twest Macquarie 2012
Lewis Levitz Subscriber member
Tony Shields Subscriber member

If your name is not yet here, it means one of three things:

  • You have not yet responded! Don’t miss out on this excellent annual event!!
  • We have not yet updated this list (it will happen weekly, then more often…)
  • You’ve paid but have not told us your name! (If you’d like a name tag, or to ensure any special dietary requirements are met, please do so…)

Or maybe you’d love to come but for some reason have not received an invitation. If this is the case:

  1. Our apologies for this oversight!
  2. Please email me, Lucinda.