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Important Announcements

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What's New

The following changes which are recent or are current have been made to our website:

19 Nov 2019 - Obituary notice for Ephraim "Jack" Field 2019 Tributes.

19 Nov 2019 - Obituary notice for Bruce Cook 2019 Tributes.

19 Nov 2019 - Obituary notice for Reg Hopley 2019 Tributes.

16 Oct 2019 - Obituary notice for Dr Malcolm Evans 2019 Tributes.

10 Oct 2019 - Obituary notice for Donald (Don) F. Creighton 2019 Tributes. Don was an Electronics Engineer at Mawson Station in 1963.

28 Aug 2019 - Victor Watt will be the Club Berth representative going to Casey on Voyage 2.

19 Aug 2019 - The results and tabulated data of our recent ANARE Club Survey can be found under the Council Meeting Minutes and Highlights section of our members webpage for financial members at the Members Login.

10 Aug 2019 - Photos from the recent General Council meeting of 20 Jul 2019 for financial members at the Members Login.

10 Aug 2019 - Mawson Stories a new story of RAAF Base Mawson RAAF Base Mawson. Compiled by Brendan Godwin.

27 July 2019 - Obituary notice for Fred White 2019 Tributes. Fred was a Radio Operator at Casey 1973 and Macquarie Island 1975.

27 July 2019 - Obituary notice for Dr John Jackson 2019 Tributes. John was the Doctor at Davis 1972 and Prince Charles Mountains 1973.

27 July 2019 Mawson Stories a new story of Law Hut 1960 Law Hut 1960 compiled by George Creswell.

13 July 2019 The biographies of the nominees for National Council can be found at Council Nominees 2019

13 July 2019 - Obituary notice for Robert Tracy (Bob) Jones 2019 Tributes. Bob was awarded an Australian Antarctic Medal in 1996, in recognition of his work both as a biologist and as a Station Leader.

7 July 2019 - Obituary notice for Major General Neville Smethurst 2019 Tributes. Nev, was the the 'OIC' of the 14th ANARE team at Wilkes 1961.

2 July 2019 - Peter Clemence: Memories of an Antarctic Aviator - 2019 Memories of an Antarctic Aviator. A story by By David Parer & Elizabeth Parer-Cook, also listed under Mawson Stories.

23 June 2019 - Obituary notice for Peter Clemence 2019 Tributes. Peter was a Pilot for Resupply 1955/56, Mawson 1957, Polar Medal 1960, PCM and Lambert Glacier 1969/70 and 1971/72, Round Trip 1973, Enderby Land 1974/75.

20 June 2019 - Phil Law Medal winner announced - Dr John Manning.

20 June 2019 - Mid Winter best wishes to all members from the President and members of the National Council.

10 June 2019 - Obituary notice for Peter Baggott 2019 Tributes. Peter wintered at Mawson 1965 and Wilkes 1967.

21 May 2019 - Call for Nominations for National Council positions have been posted, opening on 1 June and closing 1 July 2019.
11 May 2019 - Mawson Stories 7 'Cloth Badges of Mawson' uploaded for reading Mawson Stories

8 May 2019 - Meeting Minutes from the 23 Feb 2019 General Meeting are posted for financial members at the Members Login

2 May 2019 - Applications are open for the Club Berth for the 2019-2020 summer season Club Berth

29 Apr 2019 - We have created a link on our homepage to our list of Library Books

23 Apr 2019 - About our club has been updated showing current Council meetings for this year About our club

22 Apr 2019 - Midwinter details updated for Canberra and Adelaide Midwinter

22 Apr 2019 - National Rock Garden letter requesting our help with relocating two rocks from Mawson (currently in Hobart) to the A.C.T. National Rock Garden

16 Apr 2019 - Melbourne Attendees list updated Midwinter

12 Apr 2019 - The Autumn Aurora Journal is NOW available online to financial members via the Members Login

12 Apr 2019 - Mawson Stories 5 and 6 uploaded for reading Mawson Stories

3 Apr 2019 - Obituary notice for Robert "Bob" Clough 2019 Tributes. Bob wintered at Macq Is 1978.

23 Mar 2019 - Bob McEwan, Chief Structural Engineer of the Australian Construction Services, established a research program to design and construct new buildings at Australia's three continental stations. This is the illustrated story of rebuilding at Mawson 1979-1987

17 Mar 2019 - Mid-winter dinner bookings are now open for Melbourne, Hobart and Brisbane

14 Mar 2019 - Obituary notices for Charlie Weir and John McNally 2019 Tributes. Charlie wintered seven times at Wilkes 1967, Casey 1969, Davis 1985, Mawson 1987, Macq Is 1989, Mawson 1991 and Macq Is 1993. John wintered at Macq Is 1961.

2 Mar 2019 Ian Bird has added to the Mawson stories with his account of the traverse of the Prince Charles Mountains in 1960.

18 Feb 2019 - Please note that the "Mawson Stories" and other records including history, photographs and videos in association with the Mawson 65th Anniversary Celebration are located on the Mawson65 page and not within the home page link to "Stories, History, Images".
Likewise, photos and records from the recent Heard Island and Macquarie Island Commemorations are associated with their links within the "Anniversary Celebrations" on the Club's home page.

16 Feb 2019 - The Mawson 65th Anniversary Celebration page has been extensively revised. There is now a home page with links to the first of stories from Mawson plus tabs for history, pictures and videos which will come later. The booking page is now linked from the tab "News & How to Book."

13 Feb 2019 - The Summer Aurora Journal is NOW available online to financial members via the Members Login

6 Feb 2019 - Obituary notice for Alan Elcheikh, numerous summers on the Amery Ice Shelf 2019 Tributes

6 Feb 2019 - Obituary notice for Keith Kent, Macq Is 1956 2019 Tributes
4 Feb 2019 - Obituary notice for Jim (James) Edward Bleasel, Former Director, AAD 1984-88 2019 Tributes

29 Jan 2019 - Congratulations to Dr Brian Walpole, Macq Is 2002-3 and round trips 1999, 2003, 2007 and 2012. Brian has been appointed a Member of the Order of Australia in the Australia Day Honours List

29 Jan 2019 - There is an update (click on Bradford Album within the link) to the Wilkes 1957 history at the Wilkes in 1957 as experienced by the American Richard J Berkley site

10 Jan 2019 - Obituary notice for David Johns, Macq Island 1954 and Mawson 1957 2019 Tributes. A Memorial Service for David will be held at the Uniting Church in Australia, 2 Swan Street, North Hobart on Monday, January 14, 2019 at 11am.

5 Jan 2019 - MWD organisers - please consider the use of TryBooking for MWD bookings in 2019. Contact the webmaster for advice and assistance and notes on how it is done. Here is how the page (no longer functional) looked for members when they booked for Melbourne 2018 MWD

5 Jan 2019 - Obituary notice for Brian Turnbull, Mawson 1964 (OIC) 2019 Tributes. Brian was also a long time employee of AAD as Project Manager on the Antarctic Rebuilding Program


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