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Wilkes 1968

Winston Nickols made a few audio recordings while he was at Wilkes 1968. This 3 minute recording contains a few snippets.

The first part is from Radio Australia's Calling Antarctica and contains a series of personal messages and requested music. The messages can be difficult to decipher at times, the sound quality is variable, but it is worth hanging in there!

Latter recordings include the sounds of Thala Dan (and the breakfast gong), the Southwind, and Radio KOLD, the Casey broadcast station.

Winston wrote '...Radio Australia's 'Calling Antarctica' was very important to us, bringing letters from home etc. All work stopped late Friday afternoons when it came on...The wobbly strange sound on Radio Australia is just how it often sounded and depended on the auroral activity. That sound alone would bring back memories to some of the oldies. Also, sometimes reception was not possible at all...'

File size: 7.4MB