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South Australian Branch-2105 Midwinter Dinner
The Anare Club, South Australian Branch 2015 Midwinter Dinner
was once again held at the Royal Coach on Sat 20th June.
Back row:
Grant Jasiunas, Scott Cameron, John Bye, Richard Willing, 
Ron Worden, Paul Marshall, Dave Bishop, Jack Field,
Vas Georgiou, Mostyn Hetzel, Neil Moffatt, Peter Newman,
Don Creighton, Bob Schahinger, Rob Burch, Duncan Mackenzie Front row; Gil Barton, Brian Brawley, Ron Hann, Nick Murdock, Mark Spooner

Guest speaker for the evening was Dr Duncan Mackenzie, Biologist Macquarie Island, 1966.
Duncan gave us a good old fashioned projector and slide show of the animals, (both native and
feral) of Macquarie Island in the 1960’ 's.
There were 32 people in attendance, a number lower than anticipated, caused mainly by interstate
reunions, grey nomads travelling north to warmer weather and a completely unexplained low
number of younger members compared to their good attendance last year.
Branch President Ron Hann conveyed information regarding Dick Thompson's OAM, the Anare
Clubs 100 year anniversary 'Endeavour' loss plaque and 100 year ANZAC great war 1914-18
Antarctic Honour Board.
Mention was also made of a speech made in the South Australian Parliament on the 7th of May by
the member for Flinders, Mr Treloar, outlining the voyage and establishment of Mawson Station.
This was as a result of a donation to the parliamentary library by Jim Brooks, Geophysicist, Heard
Island 1953 of the book on that subject, 'Antarctic Odyssey', by Phil Law.
The AGM was conducted resulting in the same same committee from last year being re-elected
unopposed. President Ron thanked the committee for both their past years assistance and their
willingness to do it all again.
2015-sa-mwd-Mostyn Hetzel.jpg
Mostyn Hetzel with his '42 Transport Platoon (Amphibious)' reunion memorabilia. 
Mostyn explained that they have a reunion every 2 years and the patches down the left
hand side of the platoon pennant are from each reunion since 1994.
Endorsement of the purchase of Oral History recording equipment was also proposed and carried
at the AGM.
Those present were asked to register their willingness to assist Anare Club octogenarians and
nonagenarians. The result was astounding, with the list of those willing to assist including most
expeditioners present, even one octogenarian.
Each year we are surprised by the presence of people associated with unusual or topical antarctic
events. Last year we had people from the rescue of the 'Academic Shokalskiy'. This year we were
surprised and pleased to have Dr J A T (John) Bye with us. John was a member of the 1976-1977
Flinders Institute for Atmospheric and Marine Sciences glacial-oceanographic Antarctic
Expedition,featured in the 'Science On Ice' article in the 2015, March/April issue of AURORA.
This was John's first attendance at an Anare Midwinter Dinner.

Ron Hann President Anare Club SA Branch 2015-16.