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Zoo Day Picnic 2012


11 attended the Zoo Picnic day possibly one of the last Picnic of the NSW ANARE Club Paul daughters went down south with the family,  on the 2009 Mawson centenary flight.& it is good to see Paul family being  attending the Zoo Picnic with Hilton for few years

Alessandro Cosimo & Francesco
Alessandro Cosimo & Francesco
Francesco, Sophie and Alessandro
Francesco Sophie & Alessandro
                   photo by Cosimo                          

 Zoo Day Picnic 2011                                          

2011 group
13 attended the Zoo Picnic 2011 from left to right Owen Holmwood, Gabriel, Russell Lytwyn, Dee Lytwyn, Paul Lytwyn, Hilton Swan, Jennifer Lytwyn, Rosita Silvestro, Donna Silvestro, Sophie, Alessandro & Phil Silvestro

Report by Hilton Swan
 The ANARE Club NSW annual visit to Taronga Zoo on the 18th of September 2011 was held on a beautiful spring day. The outstanding decorative renovations to the original main entrance have now been completed and this has made it possible to enter into the top part of the zoo grounds to visit the shops and Sky Safari which are accessible prior to the new entrance that leads to the animal exhibits. 
The ANARE Club NSW has been a Zoo Parent and sponsor of the Taronga Zoo seals since the early 1990’s and has contributed in total an amount of approximately $10,000 to their maintenance up to the present time. During the early 1990’s the Zoo had a couple of Elephant Seals in its care and then in 1996 Georgia the Elephant Seal joined the pack. The club has also been a sponsor of the Little Penguins (Eudyptula minor) from 2001 and is now once again sponsoring the Leopard Seals and Sea Lions which are the main attraction of the Great Southern Oceans exhibit which was opened in 2008.   The Seals and Sea Lions are presently in the reliable care of Dr David Slip who has previously worked as a seal biologist for the Australian Antarctic Division. He is one of the ANARE cohorts having spent time on the Antarctic Continent as well as Heard Island and Macquarie Island.

Alessandro underwater viewing
Alessandro enjoying an under water viewing of the Great Southern Oceans exhibit

The Zoo Picnic 2010 

2010 group
Photo by Phil Silvestro

Report By Owen Holmwood

NSW ANARE Club Zoo Visit 19 Sept. 2010

Taronga Park Zoo has undergone many changes recently. It is now called “Taronga Zoo”, in spite of the fact that it is still a glorious park overlooking Sydney Harbour. There has been extensive refurbishment of the animal accommodation, and now the main entrance is being renovated. The first challenge confronting the 12 hardy members and guests of ANARE NSW was to find the entrance! A serpentine walkway through a construction site adjacent to the new multi-storey car park provided the means by which we all arrived at the meeting place outside the ticket office. There was no temptation to go in before Phil Silvestro arrived – he had the tickets. With adult one-day tickets at $43 each, and kids $21, Phil's arrival was met with jubilation. The NSW Club has “adopted” a leopard seal as part of its regular annual expenditure, and with this we receive a bunch of tickets each year. It is comforting to know that the research biologist in charge of marine mammal research at Taronga is Dr. Dave Slip, who wintered at Macquarie Island some time ago.

After the obligatory group photo, we agreed to meet again at the “free flight bird show” around noon. This is a curious title for a wonderful outdoor display of avian life, which  can be viewed at no additional expense. I'm sure it is much better than a “flight free bird show”. Being “buzzed” by low flying owls and eagles is certainly preferable to a similar performance attempted by emus and cassowaries. The trained seal performances are equally impressive, and the viewing of leopard seals swimming behind a glass wall is breathtaking. The Southern Ocean displays are as comprehensive as they are impressive.

The biggest addition to the zoo in the past two years is the enclosure for Asian elephants. A successful breeding programme has produced three calves, and they are great attraction. The sight of an adult elephant and calf frolicking in a 2 metre deep pond amused an enthusiastic crowd of onlookers. These magnificent animals come equipped with a built-in snorkel, and they know how to use it when submerged; their affinity for water is well catered for in their new surroundings.

As always, the zoo visit was a day well spent, and another opportunity for ANARE Club members to get together.

12  attended :  Trevor & Annette Olrog,  Craig Sandercock with family Justine, Annabel & Jemima, Paul Lytwyn with family Dee, Jennife, & Eden Hopkenson , Phil Silvestro, Owen Holmwood.


2008 21 September
2007 16 September
Photos by Hilton Swan

Since 1991 the ANARE Club NSW Branch has maintained an ongoing interest in, and formal sponsorship of Antarctic and Sub Antarctic related animals at the Zoo. A total of $9035 has been donated to date. As part of this process we receive passes to the Zoo which are given away to Midwinter Dinner attendees as raffle prizes, or used for Club Zoo days. We encourage Club members to visit the Zoo, and particularly 'our' animals. We also encourage members to consider their own individual sponsorship.

Year Animal Amount Sponsorship category
1991 Elephant seals $400 Animal Sponsor
1992 Elephant seals $400 Animal Sponsor
1993 Elephant seals $400 Animal Sponsor
1994 Elephant seals $500 Animal Sponsor
1995 Elephant seals $600 Animal Sponsor
1996 Elephant seals $600 Animal Sponsor
1997 Leopard seals $600 Animal Sponsor
1998 Leopard seal "Georgia:" $600 Animal Sponsor
1999 Leopard seal "Georgia" $600 Animal Sponsor
2000 Leopard seal "Brooke" $600 Animal Sponsor
2001 Seals & penguins $600 Gold level Zoo Parent
2002 Seals & penguins $500 Gold level Zoo Parent
2003 Seals & penguins $500 Gold level Zoo Parent
2004 Seals & penguins $550 River level Zoo Parent
2005 Seals & penguins $550 River level Zoo Parent
2006 Seals & penguins $550 River level Zoo Parent
2007 Seals $585 Savannah level Zoo Parent & Silver level community partner
2008 Seals $585 Savannah level Zoo Parent & Silver level community partner