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s The theme of this year’s Slide Night was Dogs and
Derring Do. Over 30 people attended to enjoy
presentations by Bill Burch, Kirstie Fryirs, Trevor Olrog,
Ian Toohey, Lucinda Coates and others that covered a
range of stations, deeds and of course dogs. A
multiplicity of photographs, slides, digital pictures and
movies were shown. A delicious array of finger foods and beverages was served and much catching up took place.
Charles Lindall’s ‘Antarctic bus’ of memorabilia was a big hit!
Prior to the Slide evening, the same venue hosted a
meeting of the National Council of the ANARE Club,
which was attended, at the invitation of Council, by a
number of NSW members. Following this open and
interesting meeting a BBQ was held, where NSW
members could chat in a yet more convivial atmosphere
to those representing us on the National Council. 
Utmost thanks go to Margaret and Ron Whitelaw and their family for hosting the event.






Left to Right Standing: Sigrid Christiansen, Dee Lytwyn, Paul Lytwyn, Heather Goodwin, Kerry Adams, Col Christiansen, Graham Whitelaw, Bob Sutton, Jean Brown, Caroline Cipolat, David Ellyard, Roger Brown, Sue Ellyard, Matilda Fell, Donna Silvestro, Shayne Fell, Debbie Whitelaw, Ian Whitelaw. Seated: Owen Holmwood, Lucinda Coates, Graeme (Chompers) Curry, Kirstie Fryirs, Rohan Whitelaw, Margaret Whitelaw, Lachlan Whitelaw, Ron Whitelaw.  Front Row: Emma Whitelaw, Laura Whitelaw. Photographer: Phil Silvestro:

The ANARE Club's NSW branch had its annual slide night again this year on Feb. 25
at the home of Margaret and Ron Whitelaw. About 30 people attended to enjoy several presentations, none of which was delivered from a 35mm slide projector.  The ubiquitous laptop PC and electronic projector now provide the opportunity for showing photographs and movies, provided that the PC and its software can be configured to generate an acceptable image. These technical problems were quickly solved by Phil Silvestro and Margaret's son Ian, and after light refreshments we settled in to a most enjoyable evening in the spacious triple garage. The car fleet had been removed earlier!
The first presentation was by David Ellyard (national ANARE Club President), and covered the historic Voyage 3 (2012) of the Aurora Australis to Commonwealth Bay just two months ago. This voyage was probably the most important event in the Mawson centenary year, and David's comprehensive description of the sea journey and the huts was entertaining and informative.  It also revealed (yet again) David's formidable talents as a science broadcaster and presenter.
The second presentation was by our hostess Margaret, who was the ANARE club representative on Voyage 3 in Jan. 2011 to Davis and Mawson. This was the voyage which delivered the ashes of Phil and Nel Law to their final resting place, in a moving ceremony in Mawson station. The original plan to place the ashes inside a stone cairn on  West Arm  was deferred because of inclement weather (!).   The final  task of placing the ashes was done, most appropriately, in a mid-winter ceremony conducted by the 2011 wintering party at  Mawson. We were treated to movie footage of both of these impressive ceremonies.

On a lighter topic, Phil Silvestro showed photos taken a few weeks ago from a commercial Antarctic over-flight. Phil had impressive photos of Dumont d'Urville and Mount Minto, which gave the impression that either Phil had a very good camera or the big jet was very, very low.
All round, another successful gathering of the friends of ANARE.

Owen Holmwood


This year’s Slide Night was, as usual, a pleasant and social
evening expertly organised and catered for by Phil and Donna
Silvestro and enjoyed by all. The 2010 Club Representative Owen
Holmwood gave an interesting presentation of his voyage South on
the Aurora Australis including some exceptional photographs.
 Photo from left to right  DonnaSilvestro, Owen Holmwood, Lee Mckee, Noel Mckee, Olive Grigg, Bruce Loudon, Joe Silvestro, Maria silvestro, Ron Whitelaw,  Rohan Whitelaw, Lucinda Coates

Photo Phil Silvestro        


25 attended the Slide Night even little grandson come down, did not take many photos this year as I was busy watching We saw a
1 Very Rare special film by Bill Burch  filming of Neptune aircraft visit and crash at Wilkes in November 1961
2 Phil's photo taking in 2006 voyage 
3 Video clip of Aurora Australis going down south
4 a Great power point presentation from Margaret on her work she did in Davis
5 DVD by Bill showing US handing over the Wilkes Station to Dr Phil Law
6 Chompers had a  video of Antarctica it goes for 90 minutes & due to the time, we had skip true but the parts we saw it was fantastic   Bill, Margaret, & Chompers Thanks for showing your films & photos last Night every one enjoyed the experience & couple re thank me down the beach for a  great night & they a going to talk to Bill Storer and let him know about the night Bill Storer at the moment is in  Mona Vale Hospital  for treatment  on a knee infection we wishing him well I like to thank Donna my wife for made few cakes she made one with  "ANARE Club NSW" on it, I did not know & after little while the chocolate start to melt I want to take a photo but by the time I went to get the camera there was nearly half gone is some photos Phil


s Slide Night 2009 the slide projector the Globe  did not work, but  we saw some great Photos from Bill  & Margaret using the data projector, Bill show us some great shots of the Wilkes Casey Davis & Mawson, & Margaret Show some Good shots of Mawson Hut, Macquarie Island & some stunning group of Orcas splashing near the ship, we also seeing a sort version from Hilton about the dogs before remove them from Antarctica 31 attended,  from left to right standing  Joe, John, Steve, Cheryl, Ron, Col, Bill, Julie, Owen, Noel Hilton, Graeme, Phil, Tom, seating Rosa, Penny, Kathy, Sam, Rohan, Margaret, Kit, Lucinda, Lee, Janette, Georgie, Maria, not in photo Donna, Rosita, Cosimo, Sophie, & Sam Cheers Phil


s Great night We still got lot of food left over, I hope you enjoy you self is some photos we took, 38 people attended Donna & Phil     ANTARCTICA

Sydney Slide Night  23 February 2008