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New South Wales- Midwinter
2017MWL-ReportSydney Midwinter 1 July 2017

Not exactly Sydney. For the second year the NSW Branch travelleed to the Blue Mountains for Midwinter Lunch, this time to Leura and the restaurant Flemish Flavours. After the AGM and the obligatory group photo outdoors on a crisp winter day, the party, numbering 31 expeditioners and guests, adjourned to the cosy indoors.

The toast to ANARE was given by our MC David Ellyard (M66, Club berth 03/04, 11/12) and responded to by Jeremy Smith (SLQ96 10, D01 03, C05 07/08), who celebrated being able to explore new places or work he'd never heard of as well as new areas of work and of course new people. The Toast to Expeditioners was given by Trevor Olrog (Q65, W67) and responded to by Graeme “Chompers” Currie (M60, 77 W63,67 C69,74 South Pole 81 Q83,85,89 Bunger Hills 84/85 RV Hero), who has chalked up 11 winters (pipped, now, by one chap and equalled by another) and seven summers and who regaled us with his job interviews by Phil Law. One of the big differences he noted in the modern expeditions is that you can be in Hobart in the morning and, with two flights at Mawson that afternoon!

Lucinda Coates (PCM91/92, Club Berth 01/02,17) gave a well-received presentation on her trip trip as the Club's representative on V3 of the 2016-17 season, visiting Mawson and Davis (See Autumn 2017 issue of Aurora).

David recalled the various anniversaries that fall in 20176; the 70th anniversary of ANARE and of the base at Heard Island, the 60th anniversary of Davis Station, opened for the International Geophysical Year, and the 30th anniversary of the loss of the Nella Dan off Macquarie Island. She dragged her moorings, ran aground and was holed, and an often questioned decision made to scuttle her. David also reported on the gathering at Newcastle Cathedral to mark the centenary of the loss of the SY Aurora with all hands while carrying coal to Chile.

Our enjoyment of the excellent video provided by the Division on the year past was impaired by a computer tht could not quite keep up, but we could certainly see how varied and successful the year had been.

A minutes silence was called to recognise the NSW based recently-departed expeditioners Bill Storer (MI51 M54), Arthur Giese (HI53 M85 and MI85) and Eddie Davan (W63 67). Following recent tradition Call of the Years was done by decade. Just three expeditioners represented the “teens”; 2010-17 amd we're trying to do something about that! The other decades had better representation: ten for 2000-09, 13 for 1990-99, nine for 1980-89, eight for 1970-79 and six for 1960-69. “Chompers” Currie was “the last man standing” for his winter at Mawson in 1960. Sadly we had no representatives for any years prior to that.

We were however graced by the company of two LARCies, Scott Dempster (HI87-88, V6 88-89, Vs 91-92, C11-12) and Kevin Mauger (HI87-88, Vs 88-89 91-92, C 89-90) and it was great to see them along. One of Scott's trips to HI was the longest deployment of Army LARCies on record – six months from September to March, which was a lovely surprise to Scott at the time.

Less that a year till be gather again on 30 June 2018.

Lucinda Coates

Who was there;

David Ellyard                M66 Club rep voyages 03/04 11/12
Lucinda Coates             PCM 91/92 Club rep voyages 01/02 16/17      
Kirstie Fryirs                 C08/09 09/10                 
Lindsay Stubbs              M79
Owen Holmwood          M89 Club rep voyage 09/10
Gale McHale
Colin Christiansen           M C D HI RRS John Biscoe 71-02
John Rankin                    M66
Glenda Grice        
Margaret Whitelaw         D04/05 Club rep voyage 10/11
Ron Whitelaw
Rowan Whitelaw
Murray Doyle                  Aurora Australis 96-04 06-16
Kieran Power
Jeremy Smith                   SL M96,10 D01,03 C05 07/08
Greta Williamson
Ingrid Pottage                  MI96
Dave Pottage                  C M MI 72-96
Scott Dempster               LARC HI C voyages 87-12
Kevin Mauger                 LARC HI C voyages 87-90
Leon Sawyer                  C71 75
Ron Webb                      MI72 MI83 Commonwealth Bay 04
Steve Symonds               MI72 Club rep voyage 99/00
Rowan Butler                  M C Bunger Hills Nella Dan 81-87
Trevor Olrog                   MI65 W67
Graeme Currie                 M W C MI South Pole RV Hero 60-89
Patrick Haynes                FIDS/BAS  Base F/Argentine Islands 60-61 Halley Bay 65-66
Neil MacDonald              M76         
Robert Sutton                  MI65 M99
Ross McCallum               AA90-95

Apologies received;

Patricia Selkirk                          MI C HI 10 summers 79-04
Herbert Dartnell                        BAS Signy, SANAE Gough Island ANARE 73-08
Chris Hutchinson
Craig Austin                              C72
Ray Brookes                             D72 74 Commonwealth Bay 77/78
Catherine Paine
John Pinn                                  M57
Paddy and Ann Butterworth      BM87 91 QANTAS 12         
Dale Main                                 C MI M 88-
John and Barbara Seaton           M56 (RAAF)
Ron Smith
Mike and Carol Morgan            Enderby Land 74/75 75/76
Dave Bishop                              C70 D73
Des Ros                                     Heard and McDonald Islands 1980
Peter Hay                                   FIDS/BAS T/Adelaide Island 60-61 RRS John Biscoe 66-67
John Manning                             M67 PCM Enderby Land
Phil and Donna Silvestro             C81/82 Club rep voyage 05/06
Richard Cotton                           RRS John Biscoe 75-79
Dick Thompson                          ANARE/AAD HI MI M D 49-60