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New South Wales
Sydney Midwinter 2016
Victoria and Albert Guesthouse
Mt Victoria

The merry NSW mob in the fading snow at Mt Victoria

   The New South Wales branch did a few things differently this Midwinter. We moved from an evening gathering to a lunch, and from a city venue to one out of town. We were rewarded for our innovation with the boost in our numbers to nearly 50, though some of the rise was due to the presence of seven veterans from Mawson 1966 (and some of their partners) having a 50 year reunion. MC David Ellyard was one of those. As we often see nowadays recent expeditioners were thin on the ground.

   We met on Saturday 25 June at the Victoria and Albert Guesthouse in Mt Victoria in the Blue Mountains. Appropriately, we were blessed with some snow. We much enjoyed hearing our guest speaker Captain Murray Doyle, till very recently the master of the Aurora Australia, reminisce on his 20 year association with the "Orange Roughy", with many fascinating images.

   The Call of the Years, which we do by decades, went smoothly, with expeditioners rising in descending order of the year of their trip south to declare their credentials and be acknowledged. All decades from the Teens back to the Fifties were represented, with the last man standing being the iconic Dick Thompson, whose ANARE experiences began in 1950, and who was present at the birth of the ANARE Club.

David Ellyard

Who was there;

Murray Doyle
Master Aurora Australis 96-04 06-16 Guest Speaker
Guest Doyle

David Ellyard
M66 Club rep voyages V2 03/04 V3 11/12
Sue Ellyard

Lucinda Coates
PCM91/92  Club rep voyage 01/02
Kirstie Fryirs
C08/09 09/10
Lindsay Stubbs
Owen Holmwood
C89 Club rep voyage V3 09/10
Colin Christiansen
M71 RRS John Biscoe 72-74 C75 D77 HI85/86 Club rep voyage V5 94/95 V2 02/03
George Cook
M66 Q68
Pauline Cook

Alan Duke
Wendy Duke

John Marsden
Alex Gaffikin
BAS Halley 00/01
Jeremy Smith
SL Q96,10 D01,03 C05 07/08
Greta Williamson

Patrick Haynes
BAS Halley Bay 60-61 65-66
Graeme (Chompers) Currie
M60,77 W63,67 C69,74 South Pole 81 MI83,85,87,89 Bunger Hills 84/85 RV Hero
Steve Symonds
MI72 Club rep voyage 99/2000
John Rankin
Glenda Grice

Allan Williams
M66 D70
Peter Pokorny
D98, CLIVAR V3/01, M02
Robyn Pokorny

Michael Morgan
Enderby Land 74/75 75/76
Carol Morgan

Dick Thompson
HI MI M D 49-60
John Manning
Beth Manning

Ronald Murray
Lay Khoon Choo

Leon Sawyer
Guest Sawyer

Trevor Olrog
Q65 W67
Annette Olrog

Richard Ferguson
Australian Natiional Maritime Museum
Dave Pottage

Ingrid Pottage

Bill Burch
W61 Club rep v4 2007/08
Ron Smith
Jan Smith
Antarctic Wives Assn
Ken Morrison
John Wignall
M79 D84
Bob Sutton
MI65 M99
Phil Silvestro


Neville and Maureen Smethurst
Ray and Letitia Brookes
Charlie Weir W67 C68 D85 M87 Mq89 M91 Mq93
Alastair Battye W62 (Vostok Traverse)
John and Barbara Seaton
Syd Kirkby
Graeme Russell C75 Arctic 77 C78 D83/84