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Sydney MWD 2013 Photo Courtesy of Happy Medium photos

The Epping club was again the venue of the New South Wales Branch, 2013 midwinter dinner, with an almost full house of 92 expeditioners and their guests. As is our tradition, the group photograph was first on the agenda, making use of the 'penguin shuffle', as tightly packed , well-dressed bodies gradually moved further and further down the stairs, until everyone could fit in the frame, shown above.

Then, the usual toasts; first, was to ANARE, proposed by master of ceremonies, David Ellyard, and responded to by John Seaton, Royal Australian Air Force (M56) John recalled assisting scientists in the field to attain destinations they never dreamt of.

The toasts to the expeditioners was proposed by ANARE icon Bill Storer (Q51 M54), later the last man standing in the 'call of the years'. He recalled the many 'hard yards'. The response was from the most recently returned expeditioner on hand, Bob Rowland (C12/13). He is not a 'newbie' with experience dating back to 1983 at Mawson. So he greeted the men of M83, who were on hand having a 30 year reunion.

Later in the night, we heard from M83 Officer in Charge, Tom Arrowsmith. That mob were the last expeditioners to live in the old Mawson dongas, and they commissioned the Red Shed, bringing the first stage in a change in ANARE culture. They also installed and commissioned the first satellite dish for real time communication. Tom said “Life on base is not as intense; that's not necessarily a good thing”.

Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) operations manager, Dr Rob Bryson, was the AAD representative. He showed a short video of the 2012-2013 year, which noted, among other things, how an unplanned two weeks with Aurora Australis icebound, during the early spring sea ice expedition, Sea Ice Physics and Ecosystem eXperiment (SIPEX), changed the plans for the remained of the season. This was a good example of the 'A' factor at work, hence the AAD mantra, Adapt, Improvise, Overcome.

To raise funds to support the Club's Oral History Project we ran a silent auctiion for a rare copy of the 1928 proposal by (later) Admiral Richard Byrd, for what became the first United States Antarctic expedition. This raised the astonishing sum of $1400.00, which was swelled by takings from the usual raffle.

Our guest speaker was well-known television man and self-confessed Antarctic tragic, Andrew Denton. He spent much of the evening yarning with our more experienced Antarctic expeditioners and could hardly believe some of the things he heard (“I met people who were there when Antarctica was formed...”)

He has been south as many times as many expeditioners, and to many places with deep links to Antarctic history. In 1992 he put together a documentary about a year at Davis, giving expeditioners hand-held cameras to record their experiences over winter, going down the next summer to pull it all together. This was a winter when there had been genuine tensions between two groups on the base. It was life changing for Andrew, both the trip and the process of trying to piece together the story of the year.

In 1997, he had the opportunity to go down south with travel companies into the Ross Sea, visiting Cape Adare, Ross Island, Hut Point, Cape Royds, the locales from which expeditions set out for the Pole in the heroic age. He recalled the 1911 winter trip by some of Scott's men, to collect emperor penguin eggs, as an epic tale of endurance.

Later again, he made the voyage from Ushuaia in South America to the wild-life rich Antarctic Peninsula, through the mountainous seas of the Drake Passage. A highlight was a visit to South Georgia where, in 1916 Shackleton and his few companions ended their epic small boat trip, following the sinking of Endurance. Andrew recalled that when Shackleton walked into the whaling station at Stromness and asked, “Is the war over?” he was told, “No, the world has gone mad”.

It was all gripping and personal stuff, well-illustrated and well received.

To wrap the evening, Bill Storer offered some special thanks to two not present: Dick Thompson, without whom Heard Island and Macquarie Island would not have got off the ground (he took over when Phil. Law got seasick); and the legendary, but sadly departed, Lem Macey, without whom Mawson (station) would not have happened.

By David Ellyard

Bill Burch Andrew Denton David Ellyard

Damian Macey and Christine Bishop whom after a very intense bidding war on the night reached a magnanimous agreement to donate the book to the Mitchell library. The silent auction has produced some outstanding results over the years but this year's result will be hard to beat. The auction raised a whopping $1400.00 for the club and the Mitchell library and the public will gain access to a rare and unique book.

small group
The NSW ANARE Club 2013 Committee with celebrity guest  speaker Andrew Denton

Who was there MWD 2013

Denise Allen MI85 M86 05 D8 07 C92 marine sc 03 club berth 12
Tom Arrowsmith M83
Geoff Beer M02/03 C05/06
Tara Beer
Elaine Bell
Steve Bennett Enderby Land 74/75
Ting Bennett
Christine Bishop
BillBreeze C76
RobBryson AAD Representative
Bill BurchW61 rt 08
Robyn Burch
Colin Christiansen M71 C75 D77 rt97/98
Lucinda Coates PCM91/92 C01/02 (rt V5)
Phil Crosby D04 M04
Graeme Currie M60 M77 W63 W67 C69 C74 SPole81 MI83 85 87 89 rts 95-99
Ian Dale
Andrew Denton Guest speaker MaxDietrich C82
Murray Doyle RSV AURORA AUSTRALIS 96-04, 06-12
Sharon Doyle
Dr. David Ellyard M66 AA03 (rt) CB12
Sue Ellyard
Richard Endacott M83
Oz Ertok Enderby Land 74-5, 75-6, M84, MI86, Ross Is 91 (Greenpeace), NW Passage10
Rex Filson M62 Susan Filson
Joe Fishburn C06
Dr. KirstieFryirs C08/09 C09/10
Gabi Furtenbach
Paul Gigg M90 Q98
John Gilmour M83
Brendon Gilmour
Tony Hall DUKW 53/54 54/55
Patrick Haynes Br Ant Surv 60 61 Br Ant Halley By 65 66
Dr Louise Holliday D81
Dawn Jennings
Clive Jewell King Edward Pt, South Georgia Dependency of Falkland Iss S. Atlantic 53-56
Trevor Johnstone M83
Albert Jongbloed M83
Diana Jongbloed
Ian Landon-Smith M62
Paul Lytwyn M83/84 M85
Dee Lytwyn
Neil Macdonald M76
Damian Maceyson of LEM Macey
Roseanna Magharan
JohnManning M67
Dave McCormack C72 M74 78 83 86 88
LesMiller M64
Kevin Miller M62
Susie Miller
Mike Morgan Enderby Land 74/7 75/76
Carol Morgan PeterNickolls C99
Roslyn Nickolls
Trevor Olrog MI65 W67
Dave Pottage M82 82/83 85 92 C72 MI96
Ingrid Pottage M96
Zain Rahmat M83
Rosemary Rayfuse
Bob Rowland
Graeme Russell C75 78 D84 Arctic 77
Leon Sawyer C71/72 C75/76
Terri Sawyer
Peter SeamanM83s
Jan Seaman
John Seaton M56 (RAAF)
Barbara Seaton
AlanSilson M83
Phil Silvestro C81/82 AA06
Donna Silvestro
Bill Storer MI51 M54
Lindsay Stubbs M79
Taeko Stubbs
Bob Sutton MI65, M99
Steve Symonds MI72 AA00 (rt V5)
Graeme Walsh M83
Ann Walsh
Tom Ware MI77
Anne Watson C94
Garry Watson D81 M83 C85 D94 M99
John Watts M62
Ron Webb MI72 M83 Commonwealth Bay 04
Snow Williams M63
Mike WillisM83 C89/90


Craig Austin MI51 M54
Ray Brookes
Roy Butterworth
Michael Goodwin M10
Tom Harwood
Owen Holmwood C89 V3-2010
Chris Hutchinson
Mick Murphy
Hilton Swan MI95/96, Marine Science 90/91
CharlieWeir W67 C68 D85 M87 MI89 M91 MI93
Dr. MargaretWhitelaw D04/05 V3-2011