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Midwinter Cruise

No, not the Aurora Australis doing another intrepid midwinter voyage down to the pack but an ordinary Sydney ferry cruising the Parramatta River bound for the Sydney 1999 Midwinter dinner. At the bow a group of expeditioners enjoying the bracing wind of a Rivercat at speed.


The Parkroyal Hotel at Parramatta was selected this year in response to many comments over the years for a location more central to the Sydney metropolitan area, with an accommodation deal the experiment was underway. Over 100 expeditioners, family and friends gathered for pre dinner homers. In quick time true expedition spirit was flowing, no doubt assisted by the presence of David Eastman, Peter Baxter and John Lavett who were there at Heard Island in 1947, and ranging through to expeditioners who had been south this last summer.


With our Master of Ceremonies stalwart David Ellyard, we were entertained with a lively program of entertaining and informative speakers. We were especially honoured by Club President, Malcolm Kirton, who spoke of the changing future for the Club and the upcoming 50-year anniversary.  Malcolm also proposed the toast to the women and men of ANARE, how interesting in that order! Michael Tomkins our most recent winterer, Macquarie Island 1998, responded with an acknowledgment of the efforts of club members in developing the ANARE tradition and noting continuing interest amongst the current generation of expeditioners to observe those traditions. Membership Officer Max Corry and Secretary Chris Gamgee were also part of the Melbourne delegation, we hope they noted the enthusiasm of the Branch and the real interest in participating in the wider Club activity.

Our special guest was manhauler extraordinaire Peter Treseder. Peter gave us a lively audio visual presentation of the trials and tribulations of the 1997/98 walk from the Weddell Sea to the Pole. With fellow team members Keith Brown and Ian Williams, three sledge loads of 150 kg each were hauled 1400 km, the distance from Sydney to Melbourne, in temperatures down to -40 degrees. The team took an interesting approach to calorific intake with a routine addition of copious quantities of olive oil to breakfast cornflakes! All present were in awe when Peter proudly displayed the famous Mawson balaclava, soon to be reunited with the Mawson Antarctic Collection, for display in Adelaide. A second item Peter showed was a piece of Walrus tusk carved by Amundsen's cook and which had made the trip to the Pole in 1911. Inspired by men of Sir Douglas Mawson's character Peter sought to inspire the youth of Australia with a positive image to counteract all the negativity that is prevalent, he wants to make a difference to them and introduce the concept of responsible risk taking.

A brief report on the state of Mawson's huts was given by Geoff Ashley of the AAP Expedition, from when he first observed the beautifully designed huts in 1996, through the stabilisation process initiated in 1997 and to the present state of affairs. It is proposed there will be a follow up expedition in 2000/2001. The long running debate among ANARE Club members was sparked into life yet again!

As usual our raffle was well supported with another sponsorship cheque guaranteed to Taronga Zoo and "our" Leopard seal "Georgia". Yarning and seeking out old mates continued right up to midnight when the party moved into the electric atmosphere of the hotels bars with a very late night ensuring for those who only had to catch the lift up to their dongas.

Next years Sydney Midwinter 2000 will again be held in Parramatta, at the famous Sydney football club, Parramatta Leagues, on Saturday June 24 2000. Why not plan for a Midwinter cruise up the Parramatta River. Are you on the NSW mailing list? See the Branch website for all the details.

Lucinda and Col

Peter Treseder South Pole walk 97/98 Guest speaker
Bill Burch  W61
Robyn Burch  
Colin Christiansen M71 C75 D77 HI85/86 V5 97/98
Janina Christiansen QANTAS 78
Lucinda Coates PCM 91/92
Geoff Payne W67
Sharon Payne  
Richard Roy M92
Kit Scally M71 91 D91/92 HI91/92
Julie Finch-Scally 1st flight QANTAS 77
Neville Smethurst W61
Maureen Smethurst  
Richard Stephen C74
Penny Stephen  
Bill Storer MI51 M54 KK97/98
Trevor Olrog MI65 W67
Max Corry M65 Amery 68
Malcolm Kirton M59 W63 Club President
Keith Gooley M71 C74 MI83summer
David Eastman HI 47/48
Lenita North  
Hugh Doyle HI51
Gil Webster M65
Pam Webster  
Kevin Miller M62
Sue Miller  
Leon Sawyer C71 C75
Terri Sawyer  
John Lavett HMALST3501 HMAS Labuan 47-49
Pat Lavett 1st Antarctic Treaty meeting 1961
Norm Linton-Smith AntDiv
Shelagh Robinson AntDiv
Angus Robinson  
Graeme Chompers Currie The lot!
Helen Vincent  
George Seidl MI M D C
Peter Howe World Explorer
Paddy Butterworth M87 91
Anne Butterworth  
John Watts M62
Judy Watts  
Chris Gorman W62
Pam Gorman  
Jack Sillick W66 C71
Shirley Sillick  
Tony Verbruggen  M77 MI81
Lynne Verbruggen  
Otakar Rec HI 50/51/52
Valda Rec  
Adrian Rec  
Cassie Rec  
Chris Gamgee C75
Chris Hutchinson PCM 69/70 
Diana Hutchinson  
Warren Cannon M80
Lyn Cannon  
Quentin Blades C69
Michelle Slack   
Peter Lawson HI51
Jennifer Lawson  
Kathleen Lawson  
Paul Lytwyn M85/84 86
Dee Lytwyn  
David Ellyard M66 
Sue Ellyard  
John Starr HI51
Flo Starr  
John Starr  
Jim Smith W60
Shirley Smith  
Richard Smith  
Sue Proctor  
Phil Silvestro C81/82
Donna Silvestro  
Peter Bourke MI87 89 D91 Ms93
Owen Holmwood C89
Ann-Maree McEwan  
Bill Breeze C76
John Gordon M65
Erica Brennan  
Alisdair McGregor Mawsons Huts
Geoff Ashley Mawsons Huts
Ian Kavanagh MI77 D79 AntDiv 80-97
Leila Kavanagh  
Craig Austin C72
Christine Austin  
Michael Campbell W60
Sue Campbell  
Peter Blaxland LST3501 47/48
Janet Reynolds D92 C97
John Wignall M79 D84
Bob Taylor M80
Anne Maher MI93/94
Scott Neilsen C87
Denise Neilsen  
Robyn Thomas M84 C87
Olga Thomas  
John Pinn M57
Frank Broderick  
Margot Broderick  
Bill Robinson C84 87 AA91-
Marie Woods Nev W64
 Graham Budd HI54 63-71 M59 Adelie Land Kerguelen 

Total: 104


Tom and Julie Harwood MI59 W61/62 In Melbourne for MI59 40 years.

Keith Goodwin

Ossie Maguire M58

Isobel Bennett MI summers 59 60 65 68

Rowan Butler in Kathmandu, Nepal M81 C84 ND85,87 Bunger Hills 85

Murray Hotchin M89

Geof Naughton C77

Liesl and Bruce Smith M70

Arthur Giese HI51 M83 MI85

Steve Grimsley W61 63

Greg Mortimer Aurora Expeditions

Pat Lee TAE (NZ) M57 66

Thelma Gardner (Lyn HI54 M56 D58 71)

Kevin Dwyer

John Toms D89 M92 MI94

Alison & Ross Dorwood

Syd Kirkby

John Seaton M56

Bill Blance LST3501

Ray Brookes D72 74 MI 70's Commonwealth Bay 78

Wally Goodall MI62 D64 M68

Gilbert Wallace Ship 85 94

Willi Kalss C69

Bas Rachinger M73

Mike Lucas M62

Ray Seaver M54

Louise Holliday D81

Mike Poulton M65

Alistair Battye W62 Vostok trip

George Lowe Kista Dan 1954/55

Trish Gibson Shirase Museum Japan

Phil Law ANARE 47-66

Rod Buckland M71

Dick Thompson ANARE 47-60

Rob Sherwood C79

Steve Symonds MI72