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Sydney Midwinter Dinner

Friday 21 June 1996

The Great Antarctic Trivia Quiz!

Review by Lucinda Coates

Whether inspired by rumours of our Quiz Master's (Steve Symonds) genius in all things Quizzical, or persuaded by the change of venue from Macquarie University back to the city, a record 150 members and guests chose to celebrate Midwinters in NSW at the Bowlers Club this year.

David Ellyard MC`d the AGM, where Trevor Olrog (current NSW Branch President) was re-elected (after an unheard of vote for the position!). The following committee members were duly elected: Denise Allen, Bill Burch, Rowan Butler, Col Christiansen, Lucinda Coates, David Ellyard, Kit Scally, Richard Stephen and Steve Symonds. At the first committee meeting (August), office-bearers will be decided.

Two other matters were decided at the AGM. The first was that $600 be donated to Taronga Park Zoo, in support of the NSW Branch Elephant Seal Sponsorship. The second was the decision to donate $250 to the Mawson Antarctic Collection Appeal.

After entrees, the Past (& current) President Trevor Olrog welcomed all - in particular two tables of reunited Mawsonites - from 1966 and 1986. A special welcome was given to Mawson 1966 glaciologist Koshi Kizaski and his wife Yoshi who had come all the way from Japan for this event.

Special welcomes were also extended to some long serving members of ANARE. These were Peter Blaxland (HMALST 3501 47-48) and John Lavett (HMALST 3501 Labuan 47-49), and two other Heard Island veterans - Leo McGarrigle (50-5 1) and Otaker Rec (50-51-52).

Continuing the Presidential address, Trevor read out some interesting statistics concerning those ANARE Club members present: IO% had served in the 1950s or prior, 25% in the 60s, 25% in the 70s, 25% in the 80s, and 15% in the 90s - a reflection, perhaps, of the wide reaching ties of ANARE. Of course, Trevor's statistics were slightly confounded by some expeditioners such as one Graeme (Chompers) Currie, who has served 11 winters over the period 1960-1996!

The recipients of the Antarctic medal were announced. George Cook M66 briefly spoke to the gathering on the retrospective awarding of the Antarctic medallion for those who wintered within the period 1962-70. George urged these members concerned to get in touch with their local MP and push the idea.

Finally, Trevor introduced Ian Cumings who, on behalf of Tim Bowden, brought us up to date on the ABC documentary currently being produced. He made a general request for film or videotape on everyday station life in Antarctica - past and present - for use in the documentary.

And then the Great Antarctic Trivia Quiz began in earnest! At each of the 19 tables (identified by coloured and numbered helium balloons anchored to an ingenious device engineered and crafted by Rowan Butler and Richard Stephens - souvenired by a lucky few at the end of the evening) was an A3 sheet showing some 13 portraits. These of course had to be identified, but tables could take their time over this. Even with such clues as "All are famous people";and "All have given their name to some landform or body of water", some of the identifications were difficult.

There were three rounds to the Quiz, interspersed by an excellent dinner, the Call of the Years (undertaken by David Ellyard), the Toast to ANARE was given by Graeme ( Chompers) Currie who was the most recently returned expeditioner. Chompers, as a frequent expeditioner, is known to many old and new ANARE members. He spoke of the rigours of the Antarctic and the high standard of ANARE personnel. Everyone also responded to the sale rafffle tickets for prizes to be drawn later in the evening.

Quizmaster Steve Symonds, responsible for engineering the whole Trivia Quiz, was ably assisted by ANARE women extraordinaire, Denise Allen and Lucinda Coates. For those readerws who are quiz buffs a sampling of the curly trivia questions are shown at the end of this article.

Overwhelming winner of the Quiz was table 5, the Katabatics, with a grand total of 57 points out of a possible 70. This win was doubtless aided by the winning combination of Warwick Williams and Rowan Butler on the table. Chiffon (42.5) and Balleny (42) came second and third, closely followed by The Experts (40.5) and Mawson 66 (40). The Katabatics were each presented with an ANARE Club Tshirt and a bottle of wine. Chiffon scored a mix of ANARE Club stubby holders and Antarctic postcards and Balleny scored Club stick-pins. Spot prizes were also held throughout the evening.

Rowan Butler was particularly delighted to win a copy of Shelagh Robinson's (MRSROB) book "Huskies in Harness" He achieved this by beating everyone on a Who Am I question. Rowan really surprised Steve by giving the answer within about two seconds of the start of the clues.

A splendid evening concluded with the drawing of the raffles. The major prize of the evening, which everyone wanted to own, was an etching "Dog team out from Mawson" executed and kindly donated by Shelagh Robinson. To the envy of all, the etching was won by Alan Williams (M66), D70). Many double Zoo Passes were given out to other lucky winners, courtesy of Taronga Park Zoo.

The NSW Branch Committee plans an even bigger and better event for the 1997 Jubilee Year. Let your committee know of your thoughts or ideas for 1997. Contact Trevor Olrog  or Lucinda Coates  We suggest you keep an eye on the NSW Branch Internet home page.

The Great Antarctic Trivia Quiz

The questions 1. Captain Scott is always cited as being the second person to reach the South Pole. In fact he was equal sixth. What are the names of the first five people to reach the South Pole?

2. Two women have wintered at each of the four ANARE bases. Who are they? A clue - they share the first name.

3. The earliest recorded but unconfirmed landing on the mainland of Antarctica was in 1821. When was the first confirmed landing?

4. Who wrote the book "The Ascent of Rumdoodle"?

5. After who or what was Gadget's Gully on Macquarie Island named?

6. What is a JAFO?

7. Mawson's 1911-1914 expedition set up three bases - Commonwealth Bay, Macquarie Island and the Western Base. Mawson led the former. Who were OICs or station leaders at the latter two?

8. When did the Nella Dan sink? (Year, month, day).

9. What was the first bird to be called a penguin?

10. Who is the first person known to have sailed within the Antarctic Circle? (Bonus point for the name of his ship).


1. Amundsen, Bjaarland, Hansson, Hassel, Wisting.

2. Denise Allen, Denise Jones.

3. 1895.

4. WE. Bowman.

5. One of Mawson's huskies.

6 Just another flaming observer.

7. Ainsworth and Wild.

8. 1987 December 24

9. The Great Auk

10. Captain James Cook in the "Resolution"

Who was there

  • Denise Allen MI85 M86 D88 C92
  • Tom Arrowsmith M83
  • Alistair Battye W61
  • Gloria Best
  • Lorraine Black
  • Peter Blaxland HMALST 3501 47-48
  • Anna Blaxland
  • Maria Brady Changeover
  • Many Brady
  • Bill Breeze C76
  • Frank Broderick South Georgia Russian Cruise Jan 96
  • Margot Broderick
  • Bill Burch W61
  • Robyn Burch QANTAS 95
  • Rowan Butler M81 C84 ND85 87 Bunger Hills 86
  • Paddy Butterworth M87 91
  • Ann Butterworth
  • Bill Bye
  • Carol Bye
  • Colin Christiansen M71 BAS C75 D77 HI85s
  • Janina Christiansen
  • Jacqueline Clarke
  • Max Clayton
  • Lorna Clayton
  • Lucinda Coates PCM 92 summer
  • George Cook M66 MI68
  • P Cook
  • Helen Cooley MI91 D94
  • Peter Cronly M66
  • Ian Cuming ABC
  • Chompers Currie M W C D South Pole Mi B Hills 60-96 11 Winters
  • Max Dietrich C82 M86
  • Mandy Dietrich
  • Jim Doohan DUKW 65/66 66/67 M MI Repstat D
  • Alan Duke M66
  • Wendy Duke
  • David Eastman HI 47/48
  • Bill Edgar M66 MI72
  • David Ellyard M66
  • Sue Ellyard
  • Denise Everton
  • Julie Finch-Scally QANTAS 1st Flight 77
  • Elaine Fisquet
  • Colin Friendship M71/72 Peninsular Cruise 96
  • Rita Friendship
  • Lucy Gallagher Sister Christian Gallagher C96
  • Philip Giese MI84,94 M87 C91
  • Angus Gordon
  • Julie Gordon
  • John Gordon M65
  • Chris Gorman W62
  • Pam Gorman
  • Paul Gray C90 M92 C95/96
  • Doug Green C83 M86
  • Michelle Green
  • Daryl Grove D83 M86 C84/85 88/89
  • Jane Grove
  • Sid Harvey W65
  • Louise Holliday D81
  • Colin Hollis MP Ship 89
  • Peter Howe World Discoverer 90-91 round trip
  • Richard Jardine M86
  • Dave Jenkins D92
  • Jenny Jenkins
  • Brian Kilfoyle M66
  • Koshi Kizaski M66
  • Yoshi Kizaski
  • Michael Knight M86
  • Anna Kolef
  • John Lavett HMALST 3501/HMAS Labuan 47-49
  • Pat Lavett Dept External Affairs 65-68
  • Gerald Lim MI65
  • Paul Lytwyn M85 83/84
  • Damien Macey
  • Dale Main C88 92 MI94
  • Deirdre Martin
  • Brian Martin C82
  • John Mason D88 C92
  • Bronwyn Matheson C91 MI94
  • Raleigh Matthews
  • Leigh Matthews
  • Leo McGarrigle HI50
  • Jock McGhee W61 M65
  • Mary McGhee
  • Kevin Miller M61-62
  • Susan Miller
  • James Milne M78,86 D80 C82 MI84
  • Ron Murray M66
  • Lynn Murray
  • Geoffrey Naughton C77
  • Scott Neilson C87
  • John Noack M83/84 D86/87
  • Toni Noack
  • Trevor Olrog MI65 W67
  • Annette Olrog
  • Geoff Payne W67
  • Sharon Payne
  • Roy Primm D83 M86
  • Josephine Primm
  • Bas Rachinger M73
  • Otakar Rec HI50-51-52
  • Valda Rec
  • Geoff Robinson M73 SHIP 91/92
  • Bill Robinson C84,87 Aurora Australis 91-96
  • David Rogers W64
  • Maria Rogers
  • Kenneth Rowe
  • Rosemary Rowe
  • Richard Roy M92
  • Amanda Ryan
  • Leon Sawyer C 71,75
  • Terri Sawyer
  • Kit Scally M71 91
  • Ray Seaver M54 RAAF
  • Elaine Seaver
  • George Seidl MI78 M80 D84 C86
  • Wally Shand
  • Matt Sherlock M86
  • Phil Silvestro C81/82
  • Maciej Skierski C94/95
  • Jim Smith W60
  • Richard Smith
  • Bruce Smith M70
  • Liesl Smith
  • Richard Stephen C74
  • Penny Stephen
  • Ian Stone C83 M86
  • Pam Stone
  • Bob Sutton MI65
  • Steve Symonds MI72
  • Bob Taylor M80
  • Royin Thomas M84 C87
  • Olga Thomas
  • Dick Thompson ANTDIV
  • Ray Torckler D59 W61
  • Antonius Verbruggen M77 MI81
  • Lynette Verbruggen
  • Anne Watson C94
  • John Watts M61
  • Judy Watts
  • Ron Webb MI72 M83
  • Gil Webster M65
  • Pam Webster
  • John Wignall M79 D84
  • Lynn Williams MI81 M84 HIsummer85-6
  • Warwick Williams Scott Base 78 MI81 M84,summer85-6
  • Alan Williams M66 D70
  • Marie Woods Nev W64
  • David Woodsmith C75
  • Peter Yates M83 86


  • Isobel Bennett MI59-68
  • Quentin Blades C69
  • Peter Bourke D91 M92/93 Mi87 89 M95
  • Ray Brookes D72,74 MI76s C Bay 78s
  • Michael Bryden MI65
  • Ken Campbell MI54
  • David Carter W67
  • Kevin Dwyer Society of Polar Phalatelists
  • Keith Goodwin Father of Ian Goodwin
  • Steve Grimsley W61 SCAR 62(Colo USA) W63
  • Ross Harvey W 59 M62 hospital 13.6
  • Tom Harwood MI59 W61/62
  • Chris Hutchison M-PCM 69/70
  • Neil MacDonald M76
  • Don & Margaret McIntyre Commonwealth Bay95
  • Marie Pearce Passed away 20.1.96
  • Mike Poulton M65
  • John Seaton M56 RAAF
  • John Shaw Film 66
  • Jack Sillick W66 C71
  • Neville Smethurst W60
  • Ian Tod W59 M61
  • Peter Turner D58
  • Phil Vardy D71
  • Gilbert Wallace D84/85
  • Ole Werner M77 82
  • Clint & Val Wright C71