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BINALONG MID-WINTER 2016 ..........

   Steve Grimsley arranged a good MW dinner at Binalong last Wednesday evening at the Royal Tara Motel. I think everyone booked into the motel for the night and there was a healthy roll call for breakfast the next morning before everyone departed.
I think I was the youngest to attend but i wish I could have got around to chat with a lot more of the members and hear the all the stories..................maybe next year.
Many traveled to Binalong with partners, so it was an enjoyable night
ex-Antarctic attendees.....
John Boyd W65
Bill Burch W61
Stan Church W61
Steve Grimsley W61 W63
Sid Harvey W65
Kent Keith Q56
Ian McLeod M58
Mike Poulton M65
Roy Whitworth W63 W64
Mike Campbell W60
Bruce Cook Q56 M58
Geoff Hulcombe W64
John McGhee W61 M65
Peter Morgan W64
Gil Webster M65
Dave Bishop C70 D73

2016-mwd-images/binalong-mwd1.jpg 2016-mwd-images/binalong-mwd3.jpg 2016-mwd-images/binalong-mwd4.jpg

 From Dave Bishop-Facebook Post