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A Word from the President

June 2019. JoeJohnson

National Council met in Adelaide on April 13th, and the meeting was followed by a fascinating tour of the Mawson collection at the SA Museum. We then had a most enjoyable dinner with several SA members at the Royal Coach Motor Inn. My thanks to Ron Hann and the SA Branch for organizing this very successful meeting.

I am pleased to report that the AAD has again made available a berth on Voyage 2, which is scheduled to depart Hobart on 13 December 2019 and return on 8 January 2020. Any member of the Club may apply for consideration for this berth and the details will appear on this web-page in the immediate future.

The next meeting of Council will be in Melbourne (Bayview Eden) on July 20th. After the meeting we have arranged for a presentation on the Australian Antarctic Foundation by its Executive Director, Ms Chrissie Trousselot, and its Secretary, Dr Tony Press. Members and friends interested in hearing this presentation are very welcome and should arrive around 4pm. Afternoon tea will be available and those wishing to stay on for dinner can do so. More information on the foundation can be found at Antarctic Science Foundation

Mid-Winter is nearly upon us again and I would encourage you all to attend your local dinner as these are great opportunities to meet up with other members.

National Council and I extend our very best wishes for Mid-Winter to you all!


Joe Johnson