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Phillip Law Medal - Selection Procedures

Selection Procedures for the Award of the Medal

  1. Nominations are called for from members of the ANARE Club, other individuals and relevant organisations.  Information will be posted on this website and included in Aurora
  2. The completed nomination forms are received by the secretary of the ANARE Club by the designated due date,
  3. Each year, the National Council of the ANARE Club will establish a committee of five persons to examine the applications of candidates submitted for the Phillip Law Medal.
  4. One of the committee members will be nominated Chairperson, responsible for coordinating the selection process in a timely manner.  The Chairperson should be a member of the ANARE Club National Council.
  5. The Chairperson will establish that each member of the committee is aware of the criteria for medal selection.
  6. The nomination forms are distributed to the members of the panel for individual assessment.
  7. The selection committee may be convened to further discuss the nominees, should such a meeting be requested by any panel member.
  8. The Committee may undertake further research into the candidates and may contact other persons familiar with the candidates' work.  Should the Committee decide there is insufficient supporting evidence, it may return the nomination to the proposer(s) requesting additional material.
  9. Committee members provide their rankings to the Chair of the panel.  The Medal will be awarded to the nominee who scores best on the collective rankings.
  10. The decision of the selection panel is conveyed to the President of the ANARE Club for approval by National Council.
  11. The Council and Committee will maintain confidentiality of all nominations.
  12. The National Council will determine the appropriate time and venue for the announcement and presentation of the Medal.  Only the name of the Medal recipient will be released at the time of the announcement.
  13. Financial assistance may be offered to enable the Medal recipient to attend the ceremony.  The amount will be determined by the National Council.